Six Major Berlin Group Stage Takeaways by Twister

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The group stage of the Six Major Berlin just ended, and we had “already broken” teams assuming the top of their groups, retirements, and region dominance, all of this in the first three days of competition in one of the biggest tournaments in Siege.

Group A

This group was one of the most unpredictable groups in this Major, That's cause we have a DWG that used to be a huge team on previous tournaments groups, NiP as WorldChampions, Xset as the Brazilian Squad on NA, and Rogue on an incredible growing performance since they added Spoit to the team. But with the Brazilian Kyno being the Second player that gets more Plants in the tournament and the Top Fragger of his team, Xset qualified for the playoffs on a similar campaign to W7M with only one Defeat during this stage.

The second Spot came for the European Squad, with Kanto and Spoit leading the stats and the way for the playoffs for their team; on an intense match against NiP, we had a massive performance from Spoit with Clutches and Leongids on the top frags for the team that made Rogue does not rely on other matches results to guarantee their chance to put EU back on top.

Group B

After a tough season back home in EUL, G2 was able to qualify as the first seed in their group; with an individual spotlight in CTZN as the Best player of the group stage and Virtue as MVP on day three entire tournament, they were able to defeat FaZe Clan that previously were considered the favorite team on group B on a loud 7x0. Another point to look at was the weak performance that Soniqs showed in this tournament, going home just winning one tight game in the last match of Supr before his retirement.

FaZe was the first qualified team in the group with astronomical performances from Cyber during the first two days. Soulz could show his potential in some areas that he's already an expert on, the clutches, showing some inconsistency on the last day. FaZe will have to show the Experience and knowledge from the previous situations to convert the needed results and grab this major trophy one more time.

Source: Ubisoft

Group C

Considered for many people as the Group of Death, this group had Top 1 and 2 from each region, W7M, as the team to look into here won the previous 2 Splits of BR6 but were not able to play on fair conditions on the last Major Event, here looked like they converted all the energy on a five wins campaign getting the first and easy seed of Group C with Volpz being their man of the matches.

Wolves got the second spot for the playoffs in this group with the young Mowwgli Being their best-rated player during the entire tournament so far; with more Overtimes and tight games, wolves showed us that they have the nerves to win difficult matches, but they still are not that consistent with having easy matches on International Lans.

Group D

The biggest upset in the tournament happened in Group D, the group where we had our first Qualified team for the Playoffs. It was an APAC one, with a strong showing from MrPunch and Sapper on both of the first days, Elevate was the second APAC team to qualify for the playoffs before his entire group, with a fast playstyle and reaction from what the other teams were doing and that guaranteed them the surprise. one team that surprised everyone as well was Astralis, a team that most of the experts were pointing to as a finalist team and favorite to the title were the first teams to be eliminated from this group.

Furia, on the other hand, was a team pointed to make it for the playoffs after the dire situation in the last Major; alongside W7M, they were the highest round score Brazilians in the Tournament and showing that they have talents and skilled players on every role in the team with Miracle and Fntzy being fundamental to the team on numbers and round impacts, they were the team to get more clutches in this groups to stage being able to gain confidence and close maps where other teams were struggling to. Also, Fntzy was the Second best player in this Group Stage with a 1.38 rating, and an impressive number of 18 opening kills for his team.

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