soulz1 to stay in FaZe, what happened?

Published  24 May, 10:02
Reading time  ~2  mins

On April 29, BLIX.GG reported that FaZe Clan star Lucas “soulz1” Schinke was targeting a move to VALORANT, but what has changed since then? The answer is nothing and everything at the same time.

As initially reported by R6BR ATUALIZADO, soulz1 was rumoured to join MIBR’s VALORANT team, but in the end, things didn’t go through and the negotiations collapsed. With the VALORANT project lapsed, soulz1 decided to play at least one more stage with FaZe in Rainbow Six. In that way, nothing has changed because the player has still in mind a migration for the future, but soulz1 won’t leave R6 for now.

With soulz1 possibly leaving, FaZe Clan evaluated more changes in the squad. Two players were candidates for one spot to leave the team, but the lineup will stay the same for the time being. Behind the scenes, the name of Felipe “nade” Ferreira was tightly connected with FaZe, as was his twin Thiago “Handyy” Ferreira, currently of FURIA Esports. BLIX.GG has also learned that the name of Gabriel “volpz” Fernandes is highly appreciated in FaZe.

In the end, nothing has effectively changed for FaZe Clan’s Rainbow Six squad, but a move in the not-so-distant future is still likely.