Sources: TropiCaos and INTZ agreed on BR6 spot for 750,000 Brazilian Reals

Published  19 Sep, 18:47
Reading time  ~1  min

According to sources close to the situation, the deal between TropiCaos and INTZ for the BR6 spot was for values close to R$ 750,000, which results in near $143,000 USD at the current price.

Both clubs negotiated the spot during the last stage with INTZ leaving the scene following a six-year presence in the title. TropiCaos debuts in the major league in Brazil with a previous short experience in the female scenario. The deal was reported by BLIX.GG earlier with the additions of Raul “kondz” Romão and Lucca “yektz” Wessler.

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In contact with TropiCaos, the organization said: “TropiCaos prefers not to disclose the speculated values, but confirms that it was a very advantageous negotiation for both parties, financially and sportingly”. While INTZ said: “INTZ does not comment on market speculation and contractual information protected by confidentiality.”