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Rafael Ferreira
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Last year was something special for the Brazilian Rainbow Six fans. To start 2021, Ninjas in Pyjamas won the Six Invitational in a final against Team Liquid and MIBR in third place. Team oNe lifted the trophy of Mexico’s Major while FaZe won Sweden’s Major. Brasileirão is the Major league in Brazil, and the participants are:

  • Team Liquid
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • FaZe
  • MIBR
  • Team oNe
  • 00Nation
  • Black Dragons
  • W7m
  • INTZ

Team Liquid - The one who defends the title

Changes were needed for Team Liquid from the last year, and the Brazilian roster decided to bet on two prospects – Gabriel “AsK” Santos and Pablo “resetz” Oliveira. AsK was given the job to lead the team with international talents like Luccas “Paluh” Molina, nominated the best player in the world in 2021 by and André “nesk” Oliveira, one of the most consistent players at the top in the world. AsK came from Golden Kids (Team oNe’s Academy) before signing with Team Liquid while resetz was in Black Dragons.

The signings in September filling the João “HSnamuringa” Deam and Thiago “xS3xyCake” Reis places gave immediate results with a solid win over Ninjas in Pyjamas at the finals of the 2021’s edition of Brasileirão.

At the Six Invitational, Team Liquid was one of the favorites to lift the trophy after only dropping one map in the group stage. In the playoffs, the Brazilian squad didn’t go through with TSM and MIBR prevailing. Even though Team Liquid’s performances, in the beginning, were clear and victorious, in the eliminations games, the team was surprised and got eliminated a bit earlier than most people were expecting.

Although it’s not time to sound the alarms for Team Liquid and Brasileirão, they promote change in the coaching staff. As advanced firstly by BLIX.GG, Adenauer “Silence” Alvarenga stepped down from the coach role filled later by Vitor “Hugzord” Gonçalves. With this chance, some tactical aspects might allow the team to achieve their goals.

Team Liquid’s roster:

  • André “nesk” Oliveira
  • Luccas “Paluh” Molina
  • Paulo “psk1” Augusto
  • Gabriel “AsK” Santos
  • Pablo “resetz” Oliveira
  • Vitor “Hugzord” Gonçalves (coach)

00Nation - the first steps

Acquiring the Santos’ spot in Brasileirão, the Norwegian organization debuts in the Rainbow Six Siege competitive scene, expanding the investment in Brazilian talent as they get the CS:GO and Free Fire teams based on Brazilian players. The first plan was to build a roster around HSnamuring and xS3xyCake, but the first one ended up not being materialized while building the roster.

00Nation picked Vinícius “live” Monteiro from Black Dragons to lead the project. Surprising everyone, the organization started an operation to get five members of Team oNe, three players, one coach, and analyst - Juliano “Levy” Andrade, Eduardo “KDS” Fontes, Caio “Neskin” Szazi, Arthur “TchubZ” Figueira, and Rafael “RafadeLL” Oliveira.

With this, 00Nation mixed the core of Team oNe that won the first Major of the year, one player that won numerous tittles before in Team Liquid, and a leader with experiences in FaZe and Black Dragons.

It’s still unclear what to expect from 00Nation, but the Norwegian organization reunited a lot of talent, let’s see if they fit together.

00Nation’s roster:

  • Thiago “xSekyCake” Reis
  • Vinícius “live” Monteiro
  • Juliano “Levy” Andrade
  • Eduardo “KDS” Fontes
  • Caio “Neskin” Szazi
  • Arthur “TchubZ” Figueira (Coach)
  • Rafael “RafadeLL” Oliveira (Analyst)

Team oNe - new beggining

Simply, the most consistent team in the world in 2021. The golden boys finished the Global Points Standings of 2021’s Season in the first place, with the peak being the winning of Mexico’s Major. Even though Team oNe couldn’t qualify for the playoffs in the Six Invitational of 2022, the team was one of the most consistent in the national and international competitions in the last year.

For the new season, Team oNe had to repeat rebuilding the roster from 2021. As reported earlier by BLIX.GG: Karl “Alem4o” Zarth joined G2 Esports while three players signed with 00Nation, with Lorenzo “Lagonis” Volpi remaining from the previous roster. For the new squad, Team oNe appealed to new talent João “Dotz” Miranda and Leonardo “dash” Lopes, a duo who played for SuperNova, Renato “rhZ” Luiz from Santos and Gabriel “Maia” Maia from Guidance Gaming.

Always betting on young talent, some of these players are getting their first chance in tier 1, so it’s unpredictable what to expect from them as they can fit very well together or even not adapt to this level.

Vitor “IntacT” Janz is about to leave the caster role in Ubisoft and to be the new coach for the Golden Boys in 2022.

Team oNe’s roster:

  • Lorenzo “Lagonis” Volpi
  • João “Dotz” Miranda
  • Leonardo “dash” Lopes
  • Renato “rhZ” Luiz
  • Gabriel “Maia” Maia
  • Vitor “IntacT” Jans (Coach)

FURIA - more talent and new IGL

The Brazilian organization was able to get the 5-6th place in the Brasileirão Finals but prepared for the new season. Gabriel “h1ghs” Pacheco and Thiago “LENDA” Torres farewell from panthers after two years and as reported by BLIX.GG, Thiago “handyy Ferreira Ferreira, and Willian “stk” da Costa are the replacements. FURIA added the prospect Victor “Daffodil” Pedron to the sixth player.

After achieving the 9-12th in Six Invitational, FURIA decided to change the Rainbow Six team leader and decided to sign with stk who competed under the Santos tag to be the new IGL.

Handyy is one of the most promising players in Brazil, and the player shined in the last season in Série B. The young talent will have the chance to prove his potential.

Since 2020 in the Rainbow Six competitive scene, will FURIA step up and enter the title road?

  • Luiz “Miracle” Abrantes
  • Rennan “R4re” Vitor
  • Diogo “fntzy” Lima
  • Thiago “handyy” Ferreira
  • Willian “Stk” da Costa
  • Victor “Daffodil” Pedron
  • Marlon “Twister” Mello (coach)

INTZ - Stability and one prospect

The Brazilian organization came to the 2022’s edition with one change. Vinicius “Vnx” Mello stepped down from the active roster, and INTZ called the young-talent Pedro “ppws” Sabino. The 19-year-old player only had experiences in SuperNova, the team that won Série B and failed the chance to qualify to Brasileirão, losing to Santos in the decisive game.

INTZ finished the last edition of Brasileirão in 8th place with 28 points conquered. Conversely, in Copa do Brasil, INTZ was dropped in the semi-finals.

With only a change, INTZ is introducing themselves in the new edition with more work routines. The team can take advantage of the first steps in Brasileirão with the opponents that made deep changes in their rosters.

INTZ’s roster is:

  • João “DRUNKZZZ” Giordiano
  • Vitor “Vittzzz” Ruiz
  • Victor “hornetao” Lopes
  • Diego “Zaak” Baleko
  • Pedro “ppws” Sabino
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