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It's here! The official professional esports season, Rainbow Six Siege North American League, is finally back. The road to the next Six Invitational opens today: the first stage of the league leads to a set of rating points and the Six Major, which will be held in May.

Ten teams play Bo1 matches throughout the month, earning points (3 for a win, 2 for a win in overtime, 1 for a loss in overtime). At the end of the matches, the top 4 teams are determined, and they'll go directly to the Major. In addition, the entire league takes place in LAN format in Las Vegas!

Starting today, the league will end on April 27th.

So, here is a list of R6S NA League's ten participants:

  • Spacestation Gaming
  • Oxygen Esports
  • Soniqs
  • DarkZero Esports
  • TSM
  • Mirage
  • Astralis
  • Beastcoast
  • Parabellum Esports
  • XSET

Spacestation favorites again

With SSG, it's simple. They're a solid team, one of the strongest in the region. The organization has not made any roster changes and will enter the season fully armed. They managed to fail the league finals last season and, after the success in the SI2022 group, quickly left the playoffs. We do not expect anything less than the top 3 from them at this stage.

Will they be able to impose a fight on the world champions? That's a good question!

Spacestation Gaming roster:

  1. Nathanial "Rampy" Duvall
  2. Dylan "Bosco" Bosco
  3. Alec "Fultz" Fultz
  4. Matthew "Hotancold" Stevens
  5. Alexander "Skys" Magor

Oxygen Esports take risk

After placing pretty high at the Six Invitational, Oxygen made two offseason replacements, one of which is the signing of Ethan "Nuers" James. However, this young player will have to prove himself under pressure. He is accused of using cheats, so now he will have to work hard to restore the name.

In general, Oxygen's roster looks like a strong contender for 4th place, but it is unlikely they will be able to break through higher.

Oxygen roster:

  1. Davide "FoxA" Bucci
  2. Gabriel "LaXInG" Mirelez
  3. Franklyn "VertcL" Cordero
  4. Ethan "Nuers" James
  5. Mitch "Dream" Malson

Soniqs' time to shine

Soniqs have had some exciting changes, but they have absolutely nothing to do with the squad: the manager jumped to CEO; Lauren "Goddess" Williams became the head coach; Joe "Jobro" Reyes took the position of the team's head analyst. It looks like the gang got themselves promotions due to recent successes. It's exciting because Goddess deserved her promotion, and the current line-up is combat-ready and will be in contention for high places in Stage 1.

Great play at the World Cup and good results last season suggest that Soniqs will fight for silverware this year. And maybe even for a title, if Gryxr can return to his outstanding form.

Soniqs roster:

  1. Seth "supr" Hoffman
  2. Pablo "Gryxr" Rebeil
  3. Evan "Kanzen" Bushore
  4. Richie "Rexen" Coronado
  5. Alexander "Yeti" Lawson

DarkZero Esports are fine

DarkZeros are doing well, except for one factor: their head coach has been promoted to General Manager, and it is unclear how this will affect the team's performance. Yes, Mint is still the coach too, but we can't tell for sure how he will manage alone. DZ will most likely fight for third and fourth place, but miracles can always happen.

There will be a glorious battle between DZ, Oxygen, and Soniqs to get to the Major!

DarkZero roster:

  1. Paul "Hyper" Kontopanagiotis
  2. Tyler "Ecl9pse" McMullin
  3. Nick "njr" Rapier
  4. Roberto "Panbazou" Feliciano
  5. Troy "Canadian" Jaroslawski

TSM will strengthen their position

Everything is going great for the current world champions: no substitutions, no shake-ups either; the squad is ready to play and longs to establish itself in their native land. It all looks great on paper, and there are no doubts about them.

So a victory is expected, nothing less. These guys have been together for a long time, but the home league still didn't give in, and now you need to win to consolidate dominance. So here's your primary motivation and drama about them.

Can TSM become the Golden State Warriors of R6S? Achieved as Steff Curry? We'll see.

TSM roster:

  1. Matthew "Achieved" Solomon
  2. Jason "Beaulo" Doty
  3. Bryan "Merc" Wrzek
  4. Emilio "Geometrics" Leynez
  5. Brady "Chala" Davenport

Mirage has an experiment

The Canadian organization Mirage will have a difficult first stage: three newcomers to the team at once, all of them are not experienced pros, and they've lost one of the main assets (Dream left for Oxygen).

It's a young squad without a particularly experienced leader. This can unite the fellows into a strong gang that can spoil unprepared or relaxed opponents. It's a "what if" story. High results should not be expected; rather, the struggle for survival in the higher division.

Mirage roster:

  1. Benjamin "Benjimoola" Ligacki
  2. Tomas "Tomas" Kaka
  3. Emma "Marmalade" Peterson
  4. Robert "Melted" Kormylo
  5. Dillon "Razorr" Presley

Astralis rebuilt and ready to fight.

Astralis did their homework after last season: the head coach changed, the new player signed (Forrest takes Retro's place), which looks like replacing the weaker links, in their opinion. In theory, everything looks logical, and it is fair to have faith in the original line-up: they played pretty well, and there was room to grow.

Yet still, this season, they are unlikely to be able to fight for the top places. However, they most likely will land comfortably in the 6th-8th position.

Astralis roster:

  1. Matthew "Dpfire" Macway
  2. David "iconic" Ifidon
  3. Jack "J9O" Burkard
  4. Aaron "Shuttle" Dugger
  5. Roman "Forrest" Breaux

Beastcoast's fresh start

Another team to make some severe conclusions after last season is Beastcoast. They signed four new players and a coach, leaving only AnthonyMGS from the old ones.

And just like Astralis, this team is unlikely to fight for the top lines; instead of trying to take a comfortable position in the middle of the table, using the first stage more as a platform for building chemistry and potential to show their full strength in future stages.

The only alarming thing is the two newcomers to the team, Surf, and Sweater, who do not have much experience, and the latter was even banned for cheating once.

Beastcoast roster:

  1. Anthony "AnthonyMGS" Gomez
  2. Adam "Drip" Kolodkin
  3. Spencer "Slashug" Oliver
  4. Damian "Surf"
  5. Jacob "Sweater"

Parabellum Esports' fight for survival

It is difficult to say something unambiguous about Parabellum. This seems to be a good team with players who know how to play, but at the same time, they never cease to amaze with their mistakes. This might be because they have only recently celebrated a year since their founding, often change players. Their primary strategy is to struggle and not get relegated from the top division with all their might. They even have six players.

The trend will likely continue this season, so there are no expectations from them. But maybe Alexandre "BlaZ" Thomas can save them?

Parabellum roster:

  1. Xavier "Eskaa" Avoine
  2. Jameson "KoolAid" Lancaster
  3. Keagen "P3NGU1N" Smith
  4. Alexandre "BlaZ" Thomas
  5. Tim "Creators" Humpherys
  6. Kyle "Whimpy" Anderson

XSET are lucky

After a highly disastrous last season, XSET was lucky to remain among the elite. And they concluded fundamental ones: absolutely everyone was kicked, including two coaches and an analyst.

The squad can hardly be called North American because it has three Brazilians, and the two new coaches and the analyst are also Brazilian. Is this even legal? However, it looks like a sensible decision on paper, and maybe even they will be able to cling to positions above the relegation zone.

XSET roster:

  1. Lucas "DiasLucasBR" Dias
  2. Arthur "GMZ" Oliveira
  3. Leonardo "Kyno" Figueiredo
  4. Zachary "SpiriTz" Dionne
  5. Evan "Yoggah" Nelso

The North American League starts on Tuesday, March 29th! Here's the schedule:

If you're interested in European or Brasil R6S esports, follow our guides by the links!

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