The best graphics settings to improve your FPS in Dota 2

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Published  15 Dec 2022, 09:21
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Good Dota 2 graphics settings are very important, especially if you want to play the game in the long run. Many people underestimate them and think that it doesn’t matter what kinds of settings they use. Needless to say, this can’t be further from the truth because having good graphics can make a lot of difference.

But which are the best graphic settings to raise your FPS in Dota 2? Well, we will give you all of the information you need in this article. Before that, we’d like to point out that the only way to make the most while playing is if you have a good gaming PC/Laptop. Even though Dota 2 is more than 10 years old, the game won’t run that well on older computers, regardless of the settings you use.

Generally speaking, the new the PC, the better. However, not everyone has the opportunity to use the latest hardware for gaming, so let’s take a look at some of the best Dota 2 settings you should put to the test.

Why do you need to have good Dota 2 FPS settings?

You need to have good Dota 2 FPS settings because they will positively affect your overall success. Starting with the obvious - having access to more FPS and better graphics will let you enjoy the game much more. Despite its age, Dota 2 is full of amazing effects and some of the best cosmetic items in gaming. Needless to say, the only way to take advantage of it is to maximize your graphic settings.

In addition to having access to a more beautiful game, the fact that you have more Dota 2 FPS will help you a lot in team fights. As mentioned, there are tons of crazy animations, especially when it comes down to heroes that have AoE abilities. For example, Enigma’s Black Hole and Shadow Fiend’s Requiem are amazing to look at, but they have a serious impact on your FPS.

The good news is that the settings you’re about to see will allow you to make the most of these abilities and not worry about FPS problems.

Here are the best graphic settings for Dota 2 FPS

The best Dota 2 graphics settings for FPS The best Dota 2 graphics settings for FPS

You can do a couple of things if you want to get a Dota 2 FPS boost, and most options are available to everyone. You can start by doing the following:

  • Open the Dota 2 client.
  • Click on the Settings Wheel in the top-left corner of your screen.
  • Once there, go to “Video”.
  • You will find a lot of d different options to choose from, but those related to your Dota 2 FPS are on the right side of your screen.

Once you choose your resolution and rendering API, it is time to go to the Rendering settings. Valve allows you to choose from several pre-selected options, but if you want to get the best possible experience, we suggest using the advanced settings. Simply click on the option and you will have the chance to go through each alternative individually.

People with good CPUs and GPUs can turn on everything, but if you want to get more FPS, you can disable some of them. For example, you can turn off things like High-Quality Water, Animate Portraits, and even the Grass. Even though this will affect how Dota 2 looks, it will boost your FPS.

Speaking of turning things off, if you want to get the Dota 2 FPS max from your PC, you can also reduce the Texture Quality, Effects Quality, and Shadow Quality. The latter is the best option if you have to choose just one because it will have a solid impact on your overall experience.

Additional Options

If you have the Dota 2 FPS show option or you’re using a specific GPU, you can see your in-game FPS. If the numbers are not as good as you thought and you think you need more, you can change a few other things.

Go to your video settings again and check the last two options. They allow you to reduce the maximum frames per second while playing and while you’re in the dashboard. Usually, your PC will try to get as much FPS as possible, meaning your GPU and CPU might work at 100%. If you want to avoid this, simply set a limit you and your PC are comfortable with.

Aside from the Dota 2 FPS limit tips above, you can also change your Rendering AP. By default, most players use Direct3D 11, which is the better option. However, Valve allows Dota 2 players to switch to Vulkan, which is a pretty good alternative for those who want to get more FPS. That said, those interested in the option will need to complete the DLC installation.

Borderless Window, Windowed, or Exclusive Fullscreen?

One common Dota 2 FPS drop Reddit question people ask is which display mode to use. To be honest, all options will work fine, but following our tests, it seems like the Exclusive Fullscreen offers the best results. However, people who choose this option will need to wait longer when it comes down to alt and tabbing, even if they have a second monitor.

The majority of Dota 2 players prefer to use the Borderless Window because it offers a better overall experience. Besides the fact that alt and tabbing are easier, the image quality often seems better.

The best Dota 2 FPS launch options

Although everything mentioned so far should have an effect on your FPS, it is also worth knowing that there are even more things you can work with. For example, there are specific Dota 2 FPS launch options that will affect your in-game performance.

In fact, you can input tons of things in the in-game console once you enable it. To do that, head over to your steam client, find Dota 2, check the launch options, and use “-console”.

Judging from our experience, you can use the following options:

  • +fps_max 240
  • -high
  • -novr
  • -nojoy
  • -novid
  • -map dota

According to some sources, these are the optimal settings that will allow you to have the best possible experience. That said, we encourage you to test some of the options and see what works best for you.


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