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Ho-Ho-Ho It’s that time of year again, and with a new Christmas season comes NEW festive skins!

Every year, Ubisoft hosts a Christmas event where they release new content and game modes and give their active player base some presents to open up just in time for the big day! Before Ubisoft announces what new content will be coming to R6 over the next month, we’ll be breaking down our top 5 Christmas-themed skins from seasons come and gone and let you know what skins to put in your stockings this year.

Skins in Rainbow Six come in all shapes and sizes, whether dressing up your operator or customizing your weapon, making it look unique and letting you express yourself however you want.

With the introduction of the Snow Brawl Christmas event from last year, Ubisoft brought back some fan-favorite skins and upped their game with a new collection. We’ll be breaking down our top skins.

5. Sleigh Ride | All Weapons

Rainbow 6 Skin Sleigh Ride Rainbow 6 Skin Sleigh Ride

Starting the list of strong and flying in at fifth place is a weapon skin available for all guns pre-2018. The Sleigh Ride is a pretty great choice for people who really like to keep it simple; With its hot rod red color along with its sparkling snowflakes and detailing; what's not to love? First introduced on December 14, 2017, as part of the North Pole Bundle and with a cost of 25,000 Renown or 600 R6 Credits, it's a great deal thanks to it being a universal skin.

Best Weapon: AR33

Thanks to the long and sleek body of the AR33, The snowflake pattern gets to shine and show off exactly what it has to offer. Let's hope to see it return this Christmas!

The North Pole Bundle comes with:

  • Elf Commando Charm
  • Sleigh Ride Weapon Skin(Universal)

4. Stocking Sleigh | Mk17 CQB

Rainbow 6 MK17 Stocking Sleigh Skin Rainbow 6 MK17 Stocking Sleigh Skin

Coming in at fourth place, we have a weapon skin that perfectly matches your Mk17 CQB. This seasonal skin, with an Epic rarity, was launched on December 3, 2019. The weapon skin is part of the Blackbeard Bliss Bundle and was added to Operation Shifting Tides. You can find this skin in the Rainbow Six store for 50,000 Renown or 1200 R6 Credits. With its swirls and festive colors under the frosted look it has to show, this weapon skin will give you that Christmas nostalgia feel and should find its way into your stocking this year!

The Blackbeard Bliss Bundle comes with:

  • Benevolent man (Can be purchased separately for 27,000 Renown or 648 R6 Credits)
  • Snow Beard headgear
  • Stocking Sleigh weapon skin
  • Reindeer Charm

3. Royal Jaw | C8-SFW

Making its way into third place is the Royal Jaw weapon skin, which is known for holding the most unique wooden look to your weapon. It was introduced from December 14, 2021, to January 4, 2022, during the Snow Brawl, part of the Buck Nutcracker Bundle, and was purchasable for 1680 R6 Credits. From the straight, bold stripes to the zig-zagged edges, this weapon skin is sure to wow your opponents enough to distract them. The skin brings out its richest reds and its deepest yellows, bringing a feeling of warmth and coziness. With a Nutcracker head placed on the side, it really symbolizes the monumental joys of the Christmas season. We would definitely like to see it return again this season!

The Buck Nutcracker Bundle includes:

  • Buck’s Shell Seal headgear.
  • Figure Soldier uniform
  • A card portrait
  • The Royal Jaw weapon skin

2. Winter Knitting | All Weapons

Coming in smoothly at second place is the beautifully detailed Winter Knitting weapon skin. This was introduced on November 11, 2019, as part of the Jolly Frost Bundle and was purchasable for 36,000 Renown or 860 R6 Credits with the season pass. What’s a better thing to celebrate than a skin that can go on any weapon that you choose. Make your way through the rounds with the finest knit and the comfiest cover for your weapon. This skin has the perfect sight of the Christmas spirit with its cozy knitted jumper look and its perfectly detailed embroidery. It has the stunning colors of both cherry red and Christmas tree green that is sure to catch anyone's eye.


The Jolly Frost Bundle includes:

  • Winter Knitting weapon skin
  • Abominable Siege Man charm

1. Gingerbread | All Weapons

Rainbow 6 Gingerbread skin Rainbow 6 Gingerbread skin

It’s no surprise that the Gingerbread skin made its way to the top of our list with a crisp look and delicious decoration; it has won many fans. First released in (get-date) with a price of 36,000 renown or 860 R6 Credits forming the Sugar Coated Bundle, the skin can be applied to almost all weapons in-game the skin features a gingerbread house physique with red, white, and green Royal icing. The Gingerbread weapon skin may just make you hungry as you defend the objective; make sure the hostage doesn’t grab a bite whilst you’re not looking!


As the MP5 has a detailed yet compact frame, it really lets the icing detail shine from the Gingerbread skin, with the upper receiver being drenched in it and the main sights featuring a red and green make-over.

The Sugar Coated Bundle includes:

  • Gingerbread Weapon Skin(Universal)
  • Reindeer charm


Benevolent man Operator Skin | Blackbeard

We thought it would be cheating to include the Blackbeard operator's skin in our top 5, as it would have easily swiped the first-place prize away from the other items and not let them shine.
Adored by players the world over, the Blackbeard skin completely transforms the character turning him into a very convincing Santa Claus impersonator!

Those are our top picks! Do you agree with our list? Make sure to follow BLIX.GG to stay up to date with all the latest Esports and gaming news. Merry Christmas!

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