TOP 10 Most Popular And Sought-After Skins In Valorant

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Valorant is one of the most popular multiplayer FPS games of recent times. There are no agent skins in Valorant, but many weapon skins are available. And many players agreed that Valorant has great weapon skins in terms of design and price. In this article, we will discuss the most popular weapon skins that also look adorable.

TOP 10 Most Popular Skins

Some of the most popular skins are the Vandal skins. The reason for this is simple: Vandal is the most effective and profitable weapon in Valorant, so it seems logical that if a player prefers it, he buys a skin for it.

1. Reaver Vandal

The Reaver series of skins is one of the most popular in Valorant. The Reaver skin attracts users with its awesome reload animation and death animation. In addition, its kill effect with a sound effect satisfies the users' desires. Released on October 26, 2020, it is part of the Reaver Collection.

Cost: 1,775 VP

2. Glitchpop Vandal

Glitchpop Vandal looks colorful and recognizable, so this collection cannot be confused with anything else. In addition, the skin has some nice animations and effects. When the developers added it to Valorant, it became the most heavily discussed Vandal skin within hours. It is part of the Glitchpop 2.0 Collection, released on February 4, 2021.

Cost: 1,775 VP

3. Origin Vandal

Players highly appreciate this skin, as well as the entire collection. What sets Origin Vandal apart is the kill effect. The final kill effect causes a mysterious ring that abducts the enemy player and disappears in a flash of green light. Its futuristic appearance and cool animation were the factors that made ергы skin selectable.

Cost: 1,775 VP

4. Prime Vandal

The Prime skin comes in shades of gold and purple, and the Prime Vandal screams royalty. Current skin helps players by making the Vandal's recoil a little easier, thanks to the bright bullet tracers. The sounds in this skin are quiet, so they won't interfere with listening to surroundings or be distracting. Prime skins are mostly used by those who usually go for one tap.

Cost: 1,775 VP

5. Ion Operator

Ion Operator is an elegant, modern skin for the Operator. There is only one version of the Ion Beam, it is white with an energy core in the center that emits blue energy. It lacks the impressive animations of the previous skins, but the smooth gameplay and pleasant firing sound made this skin the best of its kind for the Operator.

Cost: 1,775 VP

6. Elderflame Operator

This skin is an Ultra Edition and remains the most expensive Operator skin. It's dragon-shaped and features some pretty equipment, and reloads animations. The skin has four variations: a red, dark blue, brown, and light blue. When the player kills the last enemy, the dragon appears over his enemy and burns him into fine dust particles. And the sound of firing resembles the roar of a dragon.

Cost: 2,475 VP

7. Glitchpop Phantom

It was one of the most anticipated, when this skin was first released, because the Glitchpop line of skins is undoubtedly one of the best in the game. The skin is bright and memorable, the sound effects do not distract players and are pleasant to listen to, and the neon in the skin design distinguishes the Phantom from the rest of the weapons in the game.

Cost: 2,175 VP

8. Oni Phantom

Oni Phantom is one of the most popular Phantom skins in the game, and the reason why is simple. It looks amazing. The entire collection is related to Oni, a demon from Japanese folklore. The combination of green and red hues gives a beautiful and noble skin, and the mask on the back of the weapon is highly detailed and brings a literal aesthetic pleasure. In addition to looking beautiful, this skin has an incredibly realistic firing sound and effects. Of the Oni set, the Phantom skin is the most popular, and most Valorant players rate the Oni Phantom as one of the best in the game.

Cost: 1,775 VP

9. Magepunk Marshal

The Marshal is usually purchased because the player can't afford the Operator, but with the Magepunk skin, the difference will be minimal. Because of the bright, clear marks that allow for great changes in subsequent shots, professional Valorant players and content creators agree that this skin is one of the best for weapons. The steampunk aesthetic embodied in this skin makes it awesome. The skin has green, pink, and gold options, so that players have plenty of choices.

Cost: 1,775 VP

10. Prime Frenzy

We've already talked about the Prime Collection. And Prime Frenzy skin is a perennial fan favorite. The skin has a cool futuristic look, cool reload animation, and significantly improved recoil.

Cost: 1,775 VP

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