Top 5 Valorant Sheriff Skins in 2023

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    The Sheriff is one of the most popular guns in Valorant. Mostly due to the headshot montages one can make while using it. Due to it being a secondary weapon, many use it during the save rounds in matches as well. One shot on the head is a kill confirmed even if the opponent has full Armor. In this article, we’ll rank the top 5 Sheriff skins in 2023 based on their design, animation, sound effects, and finishers.

    #5 Reaver Sheriff

    We start with one of the most famous skin lines in the game of Valorant. It is the Reaver Sheriff. Since the launch of this skin, it has gone on to be one of the fan favorites. Being one of the first skins to be introduced in ACT 1, this skin has become immortalized. Be it the unique kill sound or the equipped animation, the Reaver Sheriff has simply never gone out of style. It has four different color variants: red, purple, black, and white. If your teammate has the Reaver Sheriff in hand, know that they are in demon mode. The finisher consists of the opponent being pulled down by several arms into a dark hole from below.

    #4 Ion Sheriff

    The next skin on our list is another skin realized during the first ACT of Valorant—the Ion Sheriff. Players can see the contrast between the Reaver skin and the Ion skin post their release. One symbolizes chaos and darkness, while the other represents light and futuristic designs. The Ion Sheriff has one of the cleanest skill sounds in the game. Another aspect of this Sheriff to appreciate is the unique reload animation. During this animation, The power source of the gun will disappear whilst a new magazine is being added. The finisher, on the other hand, consists of the opponent being contained within an orb that shrinks down and then explodes.

    #3 Singularity Sheriff

    The next skin on our list will surely turn some heads within the community— the Singularity Sheriff. In our opinion, it’s one of Valorant's most underrated skin lines. The unique kill sound providing more echo and bass with each kill truly brings shivers down your spine. The skin itself looks like a weapon forged from fragments of anti-matter or obsidian. The finisher consists of a cloud of cosmic matter and a black hole appearing above the opponent. The black hole sucks the agent in, then the rest of the cloud over the remaining duration of the round. The most overshadowed part of the Singularity Sheriff is the blue and purple Variants of the skin.

    #2 Protocol 781-A Sheriff

    This next skin line is not from Valorant’s ACT 1. The Protocol 781-A Sheriff, which until a few weeks ago was the best skin in the game. From the unique voice lines while inspecting the gun to the shape-shifting pull-out animation. This skin has everything that most fans want to see in a new skin line. The kill sound is unique due to its emphasis on an electric guitar tune with quite a lot of bass.

    Protocol 781-A has four variants: the default color, white and pink, red and blue, and finally only green. The finisher is one of a kind, consisting of a transformer-style mecha that’s summoned and shoots the victim, before patrolling and scanning the surrounding area. Another small easter egg about the skin is that if upgraded to level 5, the white/pink and green variants use a female voice during inspection. In contrast, the default skin and red/blue variant use a male voice during the inspection.

    #1 Neo Frontier Sheriff

    Let’s be honest, since the launch of this skin Valorant hasn’t been the same — the recently launched Neo Frontier Sheriff. Ideally, we would have the Arcane Sheriff on this list due to the unique shooting animation and rarity, but the Neo Frontier just blows it away. Each level of the sheriff looks different and amazing in its manner. Having four unique variants as well just seems to be the cherry on top.

    This skin line has over 20+ inspect music tracks, each referencing country music or cowboys. The shooting animation is similar to that of the arcane sheriff, which gives the weapon old-school, cowboy showdown vibes. And we haven’t even gotten to the best part of the skin yet— its finisher. A "Wanted: Dead or Alive" poster of the character appears above them, claiming a $20,000 reward for the kill. The poster image matches the agent icon of the victim, while the animation colors match the variant color of the skin used


    Bryan Francis is an avid Pokemon fan currently pursuing his Btech. He is passionate about football while being an Arsenal fan. Since the age of four, he enjoys being in front of a computer to play video games the first being counter strike 1.6.


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