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iot games are well-known for following timeline events. It could be the anniversary of some in-game event or calendar attached to the whole world. TheValorant Christmas event is a thing as regular as Christmas itself. Players may remember Valorant Christmas gifts such as the Snowball Fight event and the Valorant Christmas bundle. But limiting ourselves to only Christmas Valorant skins is unnecessary - there are plenty of beautiful Valorant skins with a winter theme - not counting the Christmas one!

Christmas Skins in Valorant

The list of Christmas skins Valorant (plus all the winter ones)

  1. Avalanche
  2. Cryostasis
  3. Snowfall
  4. Winterwunderland

Winterwunderland Skins

When talking about Valorant Christmas skins, Winterwunderland is the first that comes to mind.

Image: Valorantitemstore

It was released on December 8th, 2020, specifically as a Valorant Christmas Skins bundle in the First Episode of the Third Act at a price of 5100 VP (Deluxe Edition weapons with Melee).

The Melee collection (stylized as a sugar stick) has a stimulating effect. If a player hits any surface with it, the stick may break and turn into a sharp pointed stick.

The main artistic feature of this Christmas Valorant skin is that it is light-dependent. Each skin has two themes: for light and for dark environments. A chosen gun will use a light or dark theme accordingly.


The Winterwunderland Christmas Valorant skins are available for:

  • Ghost (1275 VP)
  • Phantom (1275 VP)
  • Vandal (1275 VP)
  • Marshal (1275 VP)
  • Melee (in the form of candy stick)

Cryostasis Skins

Image: Valorantinfo

Cryostasis is a bundle of Valorant new Christmas skins. It was added to the game in Episode 5: Act 3 as the Valorant Christmas update of December 6th, 2022. The price of the entire bundle is 7100 VP - the cost of the Premium class weapons.

An exciting part of those new Valorant Xmas skins is that the weapons accumulate ice on their models over time. Frost can only break off due to firing - or hitting objects with Melee. Also, killing enemies causes the last of them to freeze. Quite a spectacular animation! Also, there is a special kill banner on this Valorant skin. Christmas (of sorts) has arrived!

Christmas Valorant Weapon skins in this bundle:

  • Classic (1775 VP)
  • Bulldog (1775 VP)
  • Vandal (1775 VP)
  • Operator (1775 VP)
  • Melee (Impact Drill)

Snowfall Skins

Image: Valorantitemstore

The snowfall bundle is still one of the new Christmas Valorant skin packs, although it was released on December 7th, 2021 in Episode 3: Act 3 patch. The whole bundle costs 5100 VP. An amusing aspect of the weapons in this collection is that examining the Snow Wand produces a jingling sound. Just what you would expect from Valorant Christmas skins!

The Snowfall skins include gunbuddy, almost the only Valorant Christmas buddy available. The only exception is Slay Ride gunbuddy, which is reviewed below.

As for the Valorant Christmas skinsprice for the Snowfall bundle, there are the following:

  • Classic (1275 VP)
  • Judge (1275 VP)
  • Phantom (1275 VP)
  • Ares (1275 VP)
  • Melee (Wand, 2550 VP)
  • Gunbuddy (475 VP)

Avalanche Skins

The Avalanche collection is definitely not one of the new Christmas skins Valorant has to offer! These skinswere available back in Closed Beta Testing and were officially released on June 2, 2020, along with the game launch! This is one of the only beta collections that has remained virtually unchanged in the post-launch re-release. Additionally, it is an individual collection of Deluxe edition skins. It was initially released along with Episode 1: Act 1.

The Avalanche skins are:

  • Classic (1275 VP)
  • Spectre (1275 VP)
  • Phantom (1275 VP)
  • Vandal (1275 VP)
  • Marshal (1275 VP)

Wintery Gunbuddies

There is only one openly Christmasy gunbuddy - the one described in the Snowfall collection. However, Riot has announced the Slay Ride gunbuddy, which we promised to review. At first glance, it is hard to classify it as a Christmas skin - it is more like something surf-oriented. But then you start to notice that a reindeer is actually surfing in the snow. Plus, the word “slay” sounds the same as “sleigh”, which is totally Christmassy! The gunbuddy was announced as a part of the 2022 Christmas event. That's enough, isn't it? So here is how to get Slay Ride gunbuddy:

  1. Sign in with your Riot Games account on the Prime Gaming site.
  2. Follow the Priming Gaming page.
  3. Here is an "in-game content" pop-up.
  4. The 'Claim Now' button will send the gunbuddy to the stock.

Other gunbuddies that can be tied to winter or Christmas-themed are:

  • Chilly McFreeze (Battle Pass or Ignition Act 3)
  • Take on the Tundra (Formation Act 1 Battle Pass)
  • Dan the Penguin (Formation Act 3 Battle Pass)
  • Icy Crate (Reflection Act 1 Battle Pass)
  • Edible Ornament (Reflection Act 3 Battle Pass)


Valorant charms Christmas are very far from being limited to cosmetics and skins. There are Christmas game modes in Valorant, such as a Snowball Fight mode, presented in 2021 that will likely be repeated later.

There is a general Christmas mood that can not be quantified! We have reviewed wintery skins that must give you that feeling, but without the recipient, a player, those efforts make little sense! Have a good game, and Merry Christmas!


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