Ubisoft reveals details of the mobile Rainbow Six Siege and announces testing

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Published  11 Sep, 18:21
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Game developer Ubisoft has unveiled a new trailer for the mobile version of the Rainbow Six Siege shooter.

According to Ubisoft representatives, the smartphone game version is not a port or adaptation of the original - the shooter was developed from scratch for mobile devices.

The mobile version will offer players familiar gameplay to Rainbow Six Siege fans. One team needs to plan the capture of the building, undermine the walls, set trip wires and various traps. The second will have to think over the defense and counterattack.

Closed beta testing for Android will start on September 12 for players from the United States, Brazil, Canada, Philippines, Mexico, Singapore and India. Users who applied through the Google Play form will be able to take part in it. The iOS version will be presented later.

For testing, the players were given the cards Bank, Border and Clubhouse.