Ubisoft will block cheaters in Rainbow Six using their phone numbers

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Published  29 Jul, 14:17
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Ubisoft, Rainbow Six Siege developer, introduced a new way to deal with cheaters. It will ban them by their phone numbers.

"Phone Number verification has been a part of Siege for some time now, and we're continuously working to develop the feature, makingit as robust as possible. Phone Number Blacklisting is now an additional step that we've taken to reduce repeat offending by cheaters. Now that this is in place, banned cheaters will have the phone number that is associated with their accounts blacklisted, meaning that the same phone number cannot be used on another account, " Ubisoft reported.

Game developers also announced they recently fixed several cheats players were abusing in the game, including a cheat that forced all players on a server to crash.

It looks like Ubisoft hopes that unfair players be too lazy to buy or rent a new SIM-card or virtual phone number.

Undoubtedly, this is more complicated than just registering a new account with a new email, but not by much. At best, we will see more advanced and motivated cheaters.