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In Valorant, the Battle Pass generally works the same as in any other game. It is called the cosmetic system: as the player progresses in the game, earns experience, completes missions, and wins matches, he receives various cosmetics. Each act of the game has its own Battle Pass, and the progress of the current pass is closed with the start of a new season. In general, any player can unlock cosmetic rewards. Still, most subscription content becomes available only when paying 1000 Valorant Points, with access to premium features. Sometimes, passes may be given out additionally during the action: to celebrate the game's release anniversary, for example.

Valorant Battle Pass Skins

Battle Pass is divided into Chapters and Levels. Each Battle Pass consists of 11 chapters divided into 55 levels. It's the first and final ten chapters, each with five levels. Players start with the first level completed. To pass the second level, 2000 XP is required, and to go to each subsequent level, the required amount of XP grows by 750 (except for the epilogue levels).

For each of the levels of the Epilogue, you need more than 36,500 XP. Thus, you need a total of 1,162,500 points to complete the Battle Pass. To enter the Epilogue - 980,000.

There is a Free track in the Season Pass, but there is also a Premium one. Free allows you to receive a reward for each completed chapter, except for the Epilogue. Premium (the one that costs a thousand points) increases the experience gained when playing games in matchmaking (except missions) by 3%, and players receive exclusive rewards for each completed level. It is unnecessary to buy Premium from the beginning. After a couple of weeks, you can decide that the player still needs it and purchase it with earned rewards retroactively. But the 3% experience increase has to be applied retroactively. That's the subtlety! By the way, if you have a Premium, you can pay 300 VP for each level that you need to unlock - and, in fact, open it! This trick works with more than just the Epilogue.

Battle Pass Containments

BPs contain cosmetics of all five types and radianite points. In the free version, the cosmetics for customization are always the same, and here is the list:

  • 3 player cards
  • 3 gunbuddies
  • 3 player titles
  • 2 sprays
  • 2 lots of Radianite Points 10
  • 1 sidearm skin

The first Battle Pass in the game's history appeared on June 2, 2020, simultaneously with the release of the game VALORANT. And with the launch of IGNITION: Act 3, an Epilogue was added. In Episode 3, the first additional Battle Pass appeared: The Anniversary Release. A 3% bonus to experience was added in 3.05.

And as for the next Act Battle Pass, Ion-style skins were back, and they're nothing like they were before! Vandal, Specter, Ares, Karambit Melee, and Frenzy appeared in the corporate style, with three versions of each look! As for free items in the new BP, there is Corbin's Light Gun Buddy, which was created in honor of a community member, Corbin. A portion of the proceeds was to go to the C-Squad Foundation, founded by the Corbin family shortly before his death. In addition, this Battle Pass allowed players to acquire Odin's Runestone, the Rift Approval Spray, and the Thornblade Iridian.

Players can also look forward to new unlockable and customization-free skins such as the Coalition Cobra - the snake around the weapon is the main style element. And Hue Shift - as Laura Baltzer, the game's producer, said, this line is needed for players who cannot choose between pink and blue weapons.

To be exact, here is the Episode 5, Act 3 Battle Pass Weapon Skins list. As expected, there are three skin sets:

  • Iridian Thorn – includes skins For Bucky, Judge, Sheriff, Operator, and a melee
  • Rune Stone – skins for Bulldog, Melee, Odin, and Shorty
  • Starlite Odyssey – Ghost, Guardian, Spectre, Vandal

Plus, of course, such items as gunbuddies, sprays, and exclusive cards.

Tips for Maximizing Battle Pass Progression

Lastly, remember that there are different types of XP in Valorant. The main is Account Level, which denotes the overall level or experience gained by the player. Agent Contracts mark how much experience someone has with a particular unlockable Agent. But in this article, the topic is Battle Pass and its progression

Daily and weekly missions are the highest preference for leveling Battle Pass. Daily missions grant 2,000 XP each and appear daily. In addition, three weekly missions are available every week that award up to 21,280 XP.

Except for those missions, do game modes such as Deathmatch and Spike Rush. These bring more XP: 900 XPfor winning Deathmatch, and Spike Rush will give you 1,000 XP.

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