The Best Top 10 Ghost Skins in Valorant (2024 Edition)

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From the simplest to the most premium and exclusive, Valorant offers a wide variety of skins. Since there are so many skins, players should know which ones are best to buy.

The Ghost is an uncomplicated pistol and is one of the best weapons to start with in the game. It is easy to use and accurate if the player knows how to use it effectively. The team has compiled the top 10 best skins in the game in this article.

TOP - 10 Ghost Skins In Valorant

10. Eclipse

It is stylish, bright, and simply royal skin. It combines purple, gold, and black. The whimsical gold patterns with dots, lines, and circles give it a finesse.

This skin is areward for the completion of Agent Astra's contract. So far, it does not have any outstanding special effects.

Eclipse Ghost

  • Theme: Regal Purple and Gold
  • Origin: Completion of Astra's Contract
  • Special Effects: None
  • Style: Elegant and Simple
  • Price: Free (Unlockable via Contract)

How To Get It?

This item was not available in Battle Pass. Players can obtain this skin by completing Astra's Agent Contract. It is not available for purchase with in-game currency.

9. Infantry Ghost

This skin is in the spirit of the classic old weapons. And if the player prefers harsh reality to all sorts of fantasy and steampunk, then this one is made for such an occasion. Like World War II weapons, this skin has typical markings, a leather grip, a dark metal breech and barrel, and a classic-looking pin on the back.

Again, this skin has no animations and focuses on a strict design.

How To Get It?

The skin was released in March 2021. It costs 875 VP.

Infantry Ghost

  • Theme: Classic Warfare
  • Origin: Historical Inspiration
  • Special Effects: None
  • Style: Militaristic
  • Price: Approximately 875 VP

8. WinterWunderland

It is the perfect skin for those who love winter or white color. The skin is inspired by winter landscapes and made in ice color, and it has a picture of mountains, which also brings a lot of pleasant thoughts.

The Winterwunderland Ghost skin is available since December 8, 2020.

How To Get It?

The skin costs 1275 Valorant Points which is relatively cheap compared. That low price, however, has a downside. Players can't upgrade this skin with Radiant Points. They will miss out on VFX, animations, and finisher effects.

Winterwunderland Ghost

  • Theme: Winter and Ice
  • Origin: Seasonal Design
  • Special Effects: Minimal
  • Style: Serene and Cool
  • Price: Approximately 1,275 VP

7. Reaver

This skin is part of the Reaver Collection, released in patch 5.03. After the popularity of the original Reaver Collection, Riot Games released part 2. Since then, this skin has become one of the most popular skins for Ghost.

How To Get It?

Players can get this skin in the store for 1775 VP.

Reaver Ghost

  • Theme: Dark, Gothic
  • Origin: Reaver Collection
  • Special Effects: Premium Animations
  • Style: Dramatic and Bold
  • Price: Approximately 1,775 VP

6. Valorant GO! Ghost

The Valorant Go! Vol 1 is an anime-inspired skin for the Ghost. After huge demand for an anime-inspired skin in Valorant, the devs finally caved in and released the Valorant Go. This skin is still a favorite among other skins, even though it doesn't have fancy animations or different colors.

How To Get It?

The player can purchase this skin for 1775 Valorant Points.

Valorant GO! Ghost

  • Theme: Anime-Inspired
  • Origin: Community Preference
  • Special Effects: Stylized Design
  • Style: Playful and Vibrant
  • Price: Varies (Part of a Bundle)

5. Ruination Ghost

The skin is available in orange, green, and purple and has stunning special effects, which is why it's often chosen by those who like spectacular kills. First, all skins in the Ruination series have a dark fog effect around them. The weapon emits a green-dark mist and also releases it when fired.

When the player kills an enemy, the destroyed crown emblem will appear, increasing in size based on the number of kills. The reload animation is standard, but the finisher animation differs. When the enemy is killed, he doesn't fall to the ground. Instead, it is lifted by a dark mist, causing him to float.

How To Get It?

This Ghost skin was released in version 3.01 of the game in Episode 3 Act 1 as a Bundle. Players can obtain the Ruination Ghost in the daily offers store for 2175 VP.

Ruination Ghost

  • Theme: Dark Fog, Green Mist
  • Origin: Ruination Series
  • Special Effects: Dramatic Visuals
  • Style: Spectacular and Haunting
  • Price: Approximately 1,775 VP

4. Tethered Realms

This skin will immediately attract the attention of any Valorant player. The idea behind this skin is unique. What is so attractive about it? It's translucent. And when the player moves it, he sees the image of the magic city behind him. The city in the background is different depending on the chosen color scheme.

In general, part of this skin is in the shape of a Sovereign, with all the wings and metal curves. The skin has Sovereign and Forsaken themes, which automatically change whenever the player goes from a light to a dark area, and vice versa.

Animation in this skin is simple, but the translucency makes up for it.

The Tethered Realms Bundle was released on May 27, 2021.

How To Get It?

The cost of the skin is 875 VP, so almost every player can afford to buy it in the official store.

Tethered Realms Ghost

  • Theme: Magical, Environment-Adaptive
  • Origin: Unique Design
  • Special Effects: Color-Changing
  • Style: Mystical and Enchanting
  • Price: Approximately 1,775 VP

3. Sovereign Ghost

Sovereign Ghost is a premium weapon skin in Valorant. As for the animation - this skin is quite simple. The weapon has a pleasant reloading sound that won't distract players and releases blue energy when firing. But the most important thing about it is its finisher. When the final enemy in a round is defeated, the gun drops a massive sword onto the enemy. The sword emits golden-white flame energy with blue highlights. The enemy then disintegrates into yellow energy particles along with the sword that fell.

Well, and of course its appearance is magnificent. The white barrel and gold trim are expensive and majestic.

It is part of the Sovereign Bundle. The Sovereign Bundle first appeared in the game on June 13, 2020.

How To Get It?

Available in gold, silver, and purple. The player will need to pay 1775 VP for it in-store.

Sovereign Ghost

  • Theme: Majesty and Mystique
  • Origin: Sovereign Collection
  • Special Effects: Finisher Animation
  • Style: Elegant and Powerful
  • Price: Approximately 1,775 VP

2. Magepunk Ghost

This skin combines steampunk style and elements of magic. While the weapon has not been used and is at the very first level, it will just have a dull metallic appearance, but when the player raises the level of the weapon, it will light up with a blue flash of energy. When shot, a blue wave of energy bursts out of it and turns it into a ball. When the player reaches four kills, the blue energy bursts then turns into blue flames. The finisher is also impressive - it surrounds the enemy and electrocutes him. In addition, the skin comes in three alternative colors - green, orange, and blue.

It is part of the Magepunk Bundle. Magepunk Bundle was released on April 1, 2021.

How To Get It?

The Magepunk Ghost can be obtained in the store for 1775 VP and can also be obtained in the Night Market when it becomes available.

Magepunk Ghost

  • Theme: Magic and Mechanics
  • Origin: Magepunk Series
  • Special Effects: Evolving Energy
  • Style: Dynamic and Captivating
  • Price: Approximately 1,775 VP

1. Piedra del Sol

The skin refers to Battle Pass Dimension: Act 2, a unique design inspired by the ancient Aztec civilization. The skin's name translates as "Sun Stone" and features corresponding geometric patterns.

How To Get It?

It is not available in the official store; the player can get it only after completing a Battle Pass.

Piedra del Sol Ghost

  • Theme: Ancient Aztec
  • Origin: Cultural Inspiration
  • Special Effects: Unique Design
  • Style: Historical and Artistic
  • Price: Varies (Limited Edition)


Which of these skins are Premium (S-level)?

Sovereign, Ruination and Magepunk.

Will players be able to get these skins at any time?

No, a skin like Piedra del Sol is no longer available to players. It was only available in Battle Pass Dimension: Act 2.

Are there any skins that players don't have to pay for?

Yes, for example, Eclipse. Players can obtain this skin by completing Astra's Agent Contract.

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