How to Get Better Aim in VALORANT?

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This article describes how to improve aim and what tools can increase shooting efficiency. You should know what mouse sensitivity and DPI are best for playing VALORANT.


  • How to improve aim in VALORANT
  • Best maps for aim training
  • How to choose the correct sensitivity and DPI

How to Train and Improve Your Aim in VALORANT?

Use the aiming simulators (AimLabs, The Range) and learn your strengths and weaknesses. Study statistics on your training results to make the process more efficient.

You can use different difficulty settings depending on your level. In addition, you will only rely on your results if you pay attention to other players.

Deathmatch mode is perfect for practice. You can set tasks and complete them at your own pace. Practicing on players you meet in the game will be very useful. Consider practicing the aspects you must improve, such as aiming or movement during the game.

Whatever the case, you'll have more freedom to practice what you want to improve before entering the battlefield. Even if you don't plan on playing seriously that day, take the time to practice daily in this mode if you want to improve your game skills quickly.

Software to Improve Your Aim in VALORANT

Aiming simulators play an essential role in improving shooting performance when playing VALORANT. These training tools provide an environment where users can hone their aiming skills, including accuracy, reflexes, and target tracking. Aiming simulators are essential, so we have selected the best ones to help you achieve better results with regular training.

The Range

The Range

The Range is a practice map in VALORANT that allows users to improve their spike planting and defusing skills, test different abilities on different agents, and use the parkour course. However, the most essential feature of The Range is the aim training, which is available in different difficulty levels and is easily accessible through the game. It makes it one of the best aim trainers out there. Combining a few rounds of deathmatches with The Range practice can guarantee significant skill improvement.


Aim Labs

AimLabs is the ultimate marksmanship training solution that combines advanced performance tracking and analysis with machine learning to make you better in no time. AimLabs for Valorant helps practice aim, precision, and tracking. It offers more options and exercises compared to The Range. AimLabs has collaborated with Riot Games multiple times; even professionals use it. It is a safe option for those who feel that there are better options than The Range. You can access AimLabs on Steam, so try to see the results.



KovaaK’s, a popular aim training tool, faces tough competition from Aim Labs, which is used in most international events that Riot collaborates with. Although Aim Labs is more popular, KovaaK’s has a unique approach to improving the aim. Using KovaaK’s can be both addictive and competitive and requires a lot of dedication and hard work. If you have a lot of free time and want to sharpen your aim, try KovaaK’s and start training now.

How to Choose DPI and Sense Correctly?

The first thing to do is to change the sensitivity of your mouse in VALORANT. Many players need to realize that they are using too high a sensitivity. The average DPI for VALORANT professionals is 250-300.

Choosing the correct mouse sensitivity depends on several factors. You should be able to rotate the mouse pad 180-360 degrees in a game without slipping off. In shooters, it is recommended to use a lower DPI to increase sensitivity. 800 or 1600 are standard. In the game, the mouse sensitivity of professionals varies from 0.35 to 0.45.

What Else Besides DPI Affects AIM?

Find the mouse that suits you: get one you are comfortable playing with. Some heavy-handed people prefer heavier mice, and others prefer lightweight mice because of manual dexterity.

A good mouse with an accurate sensor is essential for stable aiming in all games. Sometimes, a poor sensor can prevent you from hitting your target, primarily if you use a surface not designed for gaming.

Monitors with high refresh rates allow you to react faster to movements on the screen, which can lead to better aiming.

Crosshair also plays a vital role in improving the aim. Therefore, you need to customize it to suit you so that you can play comfortably. You can check what crosshairs professional players use to see which one is best for you. Most gamers use a dot, circle, or cross for aiming by default. In the custom menu under "Crosshairs," you can make all sorts of adjustments to the central crosshair and the crosshair on the visor.


You don't have to be born a professional player to have a good aim. Spending much time practicing and improving your skill level daily is essential. Perseverance and desire to become the best in VALORANT will make you a real professional.

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