VALORANT Betting Guide: How to Get Started and Tips for Success

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VALORANT, compared to other eSports games, is one of the youngest out there, and so is betting for VALORANT. Like other shooting games, such as Counter-Strike 2, it offers similar bets.

The team has a long history of researching the market and making predictions for upcoming games. Let's take a closer look at the world of betting.

Overview of the Concept of Betting in eSports

eSports betting will probably never be as big as regular sports, but it doesn't have to be since most online betting sites already provide us with many types of games and bets for eSports. It has continued growing since big companies keep coming into eSports, and you can see more and more eSports advertising everywhere.

The main difference is the amount of money you can bet on any eSports game compared to soccer, basketball, or any big sports game you know. But at the same time, it could be your advantage over bookmakers since they have years of experience in big sports and almost no knowledge in eSports since it's still new for them.

Explanation of Valorant and Its Rise in Popularity

VALORANT was like a second breath after Counter-Strike, and since it's a Riot product, everyone knew it would be a good one. Compared to what looks similar to the Counter-Strike 2 game, VALORANT is still much different. The gameplay is much faster, and you can play game changers with all your abilities across all the operators.

On top of that, it is an entirely different movement, and, for example, if you were good at the sniper role in Counter-Strike 2, it's almost nothing in VALORANT if you try to play that role there. It's easier if you were an excellent rifle player and your strong side is aiming, and it would make your game much easier even when it's still a new game for you.

Understanding Valorant Betting

VALORANT's betting difference compared to the similar game Counter-Strike 2, and its betting would be that VALORANT has fewer comebacks happening, and its in-game operator abilities are the game changer factor.

The future of VALORANT betting will bring us a more significant amount of money that you can bet on any match and some exciting types of bets, such as individual results of any player.

Types of Valorant Bets

Similar to Counter-Strike 2, the main types of bets are going to be:

  • Match Winner
  • Map Handicap
  • Round Handicap
  • Total Maps
  • Total Rounds

Factors to Consider When Choosing Valorant Betting Site

The main thing you should look for is the types of bets any online betting site provides you. Our list should be the minimum you're looking for. This should help you. Second, you need to compare all the eSports betting sites you can find with VALORANT betting, compare their odds to each other, and find the best betting site for VALORANT.

Another tip here is that if you're considering betting for underdogs, you might be surprised if you look at the odds difference on other sites. And if you're looking for a LIVE betting site, it might also be a different site since some of them will have the LIVE bets closed more times than others, and it might result in you losing money because you couldn't bet at the exact moment. On top of that, you have to remember that online betting has problems, such as withdrawing your money, so you have to be careful with the betting site you choose and ensure they're not taking any advantage as soon as you start winning from them.

Tips for Successful Valorant Betting

It is the same that will go for any game out there and betting in eSports overall. If you decide to try VALORANT betting, research the game and the teams playing at any tournament you want to bet on. Another tip is to start trying on a big game where there's less chance for some matchfix to happen.

As we said above, comebacks at VALORANT are less to happen compared to other games; it means that if you decide to bet on a LIVE match in VALORANT, you should remember that it's more often the team who's already in the lead going to win a game and if you want to catch some juicy odds you got to have a profound understanding of the game and all the factors that may cause a comeback to happen.

Another tip is that people tend to follow the hype around any player. For example, if TenZ, one of the most famous players in VALORANT, is playing any match, it would mean that many people would bet on his team to win just because of one player and them being his fans. But remember that it's a team game, and if you check his tournament results, you will find fewer wins than many think he should have.

Another example is the hype around a team, not a player. If any team just won a big tournament, their odds for any matches they play will be based on their big win, which is only partially correct. eSports betting experience can help you understand that if any recently won a big tournament, they might.. let's say, "chill" for some time, and their following results might not be comparable to what they achieved back then.

Combine these two hype around players and the teams, and you might find juicy odds and try to catch your luck based on reasonable factors to win a good amount of money; it might even become your betting strategy to look for such matches and high odds to play.

Sometimes, there is no significant difference in money between first and second place. They both get, for example, a spot at another tournament if it's a qualifier, which may result in teams not showing their all and losing in the end because it's not that much to lose, and it might just not be their priority to win this match. One more thing here is going to be the team schedule, which you can check, for example, on any team's Liquipedia page and see if they have more important tournaments to play soon. Jetlag is also a thing; if a team just came back from a long flight, you shouldn't expect them to play at their full power, and you might use it to get your advantage in a betting.

Responsible Betting

First of all, the most important one is that you should only use money you can afford to lose since the known fact is that most people can only win over a short distance. They win once, and they think it will repeat. They start dreaming that life will be easy now, but it doesn't work like this. Remember that you're playing against a bookmaker; they hire people, and their main job is to outplay you at that game; they want it as much as you want to win.

But if you decide to try it, then you can get an advantage if you learn everything about it, especially if you go into some sports that bookmakers are unfamiliar with. Remember risk management, which is essential in this field.

More about responsible gambling you can learn here.

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