Updated Valorant Maps Tier List 2024

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One of the key aspects of VALORANT's gameplay is its dynamic map pool, offering unique battlegrounds for intense player competition. As of January 2024, the game features a rotating selection of seven maps, each boasting a distinct layout, features, and strategic depth. The current map pool includes Icebox, Lotus, Sunset, Breeze, Ascent, Bind, and Split. These maps, including those present since the beta like Ascent and Bind, have been instrumental in shaping the identity of VALORANT. The game's distinctive character is partly due to innovative features like teleporters and varying elevation levels, enhancing map rotations and tactical gameplay.

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One of the ways they accomplished this was through the creation of maps that challenged players' strategic thinking, requiring them to adapt to various situations and enemy tactics. As such currently we have seven maps that are in the current competition cycle. With Breeze and Bind being banned in the current season, let's take a look at VALORANT maps tier list.

Update 2024: Valorant, the ever-evolving tactical shooter from Riot Games, has undergone another significant map rotation with the arrival of Episode 8 in January 2024. This update brings a fresh perspective to the competitive landscape, especially with the return of Icebox and modifications to several maps. Let's dive into the latest tier rankings of Valorant maps.

Promotional image of current maps in Riot's VALORANT. Promotional image of maps in VALORANT. Credit: Riot Games.

S Tier – Ascent

Update 2024: Ascent continues to dominate the tier list, maintaining its position at the pinnacle. Renowned for its classic FPS-style structure and a balanced mix of open areas and chokepoints, Ascent challenges players with its verticality and strategic depth. This map demands skillful play and tight team coordination, making it a favorite in the competitive scene.

It would be wrong to not put Ascent as the best map in the game. Known for having followed the classic FPS style of map structure, each spike plant site has two entry points as well as one from mid allowing attackers to take the site from multiple avenues. Ascent's use of verticality, with its numerous elevation levels that players can exploit to their advantage, is one of the map's distinguishing elements. Players must rely on their skills and their coordination to get through the obstacles on the map, which include a lot of barriers and tight spaces that make it simpler to ambush the opposing team.

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To increase the tactical complexity of the gameplay, Ascent's design also includes a variety of hiding places and chokepoints that players may employ to set up defensive positions or catch opponents off guard. Ascent is a popular map among many fans of VALORANT since it is generally well-designed and provides players with a distinctive and difficult experience. This is all achieved as well as ensuring that in one way or another, each character is quite viable to be used.

Promotional image of Ascent. Promotional image of Ascent. Credit: Riot Games.

A Tier – Breeze, Lotus, Split (Haven remove)

The A Tier sees a mix of old and new favorites. Lotus, with its three-site layout, brings a unique flavor to the game, requiring players to adapt their strategies constantly. Split makes a strong comeback, offering narrow lanes and chokepoints that are perfect for strategic ambushes. Breeze, with its spacious design and long sightlines, adds a different tactical dimension, emphasizing sniper play and long-range engagements.

Split, on the other hand, is another classic map that was lost in the shuffle. Due to there being so many maps last Act, it was banned from the map pool. Since its return, it has been one of the best maps to play on. This is either due to the chaos that one can create in mid or due to the map having so many narrow lanes which become chokepoints for one to take advantage of.

Loading screen image of Split. Split was recently added back into the map pool after being banned. Credit: Riot Games.

B Tier – Bind, Sunset (Fracture remove)

Bind and Sunset find themselves in the B Tier. Bind, known for its teleporters, offers rapid rotation and flanking opportunities. Sunset, the latest addition before Episode 8, presents a balanced mix of tight corridors and open spaces, challenging players to adapt to its unique rhythm.

C Tier – Icebox (Pearl remove)


Update 2024: Icebox, after a hiatus, returns with changes and lands in the C Tier. This map, notorious for its vertical gameplay and tight spaces, requires a specific playstyle. Players are still adapting to its updated layout, and its position in the tier list may change as new strategies emerge.

On defense, it is essentially required to have an Operator in order to get the first pick toward the B-site. Each of these maps has its share of pros and cons. In the current meta, it seems that there are more cons than pros which leads to it frequently being banned during VCT Tournaments.

Notable Changes and Map Pool Rotation

Episode 8 introduces significant changes to the map pool. Notably, Haven has been removed, and Icebox has been reintroduced with updates. Lotus also undergoes some tweaks, reflecting Riot Games' commitment to keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging.

Valorant's map pool continues to evolve, offering diverse challenges and requiring players to adapt their strategies. This latest tier list reflects the current competitive landscape, providing insights into which maps are favored and why

Stay tuned for more updates as Valorant's dynamic world keeps unfolding. For more detailed analysis and updates on Valorant, check out our related articles.

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