What Changes Does Valorant Need To Make To Become Better?

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The Valorant community has engaged in a comprehensive discussion, exchanging their concerns and suggestions to enhance the gaming experience. These issues encompass game balance, matchmaking, community engagement, and content addition. Our latest article acknowledges that Valorant is one of the most popular Esports games, but it could be more flawless. So, we have organized the existing community's concerns and proposed solutions into distinct categories for a thorough analysis.


  • Analysis of the leading community emphasized problems in Valorant gameplay.
  • Breakdown of the significant issues categories.
  • Proposed solutions commentaries.

Game Mechanics and Balance

The balance could be improved


  • There is an imbalance between weapons, specifically the Vandal versus the Phantom.
  • Specific agents are deemed too powerful or unfit for the game's balance.
  • The movement penalty when shot makes evasion difficult.


Adjust weapons to ensure balance.

Weapon balance, remarkably the comparison between Vandal and Phantom, is emblematic of broader concerns about ensuring competitive fairness and tactical diversity. Players advocate for nuanced adjustments that highlight situational advantages rather than overarching superiority.

Rework or adjust agents causing imbalance issues.

Agent balance concerns extend beyond individual abilities to consider the overall impact on team dynamics and map strategies. The call for agent reworks or adjustments reflects a desire for a meta that evolves through strategic diversity rather than dominance by a select few agents.

Reduce the movement penalty.

Movement mechanics, especially the penalty when being shot, are critiqued for stifling tactical maneuvering. Adjustment suggestions promote skilled evasion and repositioning, enriching the tactical depth of engagements.

Explicit set of solutions on Reddit

Balancing both weapons and agents is crucial for a competitive game like Valorant. Players desire adjustments that don't overly favor one choice, promoting diversity in gameplay strategies.

Matchmaking and Community Engagement

Current MMR ranks


  • The prevalence of Smurf accounts disrupts competitive integrity.
  • Lack of effective communication between developers and the community.
  • Desired improvements in handling toxic behavior.


Implement phone verification for competitive play.

Smurfing undermines the integrity of the competitive ladder, frustrating players of all skill levels. A phone verification system could deter casual smurfing and reinforce the seriousness of ranked play.

More active dialogue between Riot and players.

The communication gap between Riot and the player base leads to perceptions of neglect and stagnation. Establishing regular, transparent dialogues (via forums, AMAs, or developer diaries) could foster community involvement and provide valuable feedback loops for game development.

More nuanced penalty system to toxicity.

Addressing toxic behavior requires a multifaceted approach that includes better detection, nuanced penalties, and positive reinforcement for good behavior. Developing a system that accurately reflects the impact of a player's behavior on the game environment could lead to a healthier, more welcoming community.

I made a Twitter bot to post Val's status updates - Reddit (Old Discussion)

A fair and engaging competitive scene is essential. This can be achieved through improved matchmaking, effective communication channels, and a robust system to manage player behavior.

Communication between Riot has gone down significantly

Content and Feature Requests

Will Valorant have attacker and defender skins?


  • Lack of a replay system and sufficient diverse content.
  • Repetitiveness and need for new modes or maps.
  • Requests for a solo queue and better practice tools.


A comprehensive replay system and new game modes and maps.

The absence of a replay system is a significant gap for a competitive game, limiting learning and content creation opportunities. A robust system would empower players to analyze gameplay, share highlights, and improve their skills.

Develop a solo queue matchmaking system.

The community's call for new game modes, maps, and a solo queue option underscores a desire for variety and fairness in the gaming experience. These features cater to different playstyles and preferences, keeping the game fresh and engaging.

Practice range and custom game settings for practice.

Enhancing the practice range with more customizable tools and settings would support individual skill development and strategic experimentation, which is vital for new and veteran players.

We need footsteps in practice range for checking headphones settings - Reddit

Riot should regularly introduce new content, features, and tools that cater to competitive and casual players to keep the game fresh and accommodate different player preferences.

Addressing the 'Replay System' dilemma (And how it's becoming a problematic topic) - Reddit

Quality of Life Improvements

Preview the future of VALORANT's interface


  • Issues with the deathmatch mode, including respawn mechanics and sound cues.
  • Concerns about the visibility and management of the MMR system.
  • Frustrations over the reward system and ranked progression.


Rework the deathmatch mode.

Reworking Deathmatch to emphasize engagement over victory could transform it into a more effective warm-up tool, encouraging aggressive play and experimentation without the pressure of winning.

Make MMR visible and more transparent.

Transparency in the MMR and ranking system would demystify progression and matchmaking, giving players clear goals and expectations for their competitive journey.

Compelling rewards for ranked progression.

An improved reward system for ranked play, including tangible and desirable rewards, would incentivize participation and achievement, making the grind more rewarding and satisfying.

Terribly popular solution for Life Quality changes - Reddit

Improvements in quality of life can significantly enhance player satisfaction. Addressing these concerns would make Valorant more enjoyable and rewarding.

Preview the future of VALORANT's interface // Article on UI Changes - Reddit (Old Discussion)

Pro Scene and Esports

Diverse Valorant Pro scene


  • Lack of support for tier 2 teams and players.
  • The desire for a more dynamic pro scene.


Support for emerging talent in the pro scene.

Enhanced support for the tier 2 scene and clearer pathways to professional play would diversify the talent pool and sustain the game's longevity by keeping the esports ecosystem vibrant and accessible.

More events and more precise paths to professional play.

Engaging the broader community with esports events through in-game viewing experiences or integrations with the competitive calendar could bridge the gap between casual play and professional spectating, fostering a more unified Valorant community.

What changes should be made to VALORANT? (geared towards competitive) - Reddit

Bolstering the pro scene with better support and engagement opportunities can elevate the game's competitive stature and inspire players at all levels.

Across these groups, a common theme emerges: players are passionate about Valorant and desire its continued growth and refinement. Addressing these concerns and implementing proposed solutions could lead to a more balanced, engaging, and thriving game environment for all involved.

The discussion surrounding improvements in Valorant highlights the community's commitment to enhancing the game's competitive integrity, player experience, and content richness. The analysis can be expanded into detailed insights within each identified group, providing a deeper understanding of community expectations and the path forward for Riot Games.


Popular multiplayer FPS games like Call of Duty: Warzone, Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, and Apex Legends face unique challenges that impact player experience. Warzone struggles with cheating and performance issues, while Rainbow Six Siege's steep learning curve and balancing act between operators create hurdles for both new and veteran players. Overwatch works tirelessly to balance an expansive hero roster, facing long queue times for specific roles.

Although less affected by cheating, Apex Legends contends with server stability and hit registration concerns. Across these games, maintaining a balanced and fair competitive environment amid evolving game dynamics and player expectations remains a significant challenge for developers.

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