When Is The Next Valorant Night Market? Dates and Details

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The Night Market is one of the most anticipated events in every Valorant Act. Players eagerly await its return, as it offers skins at discounted prices.

The Night Market in Valorant has already started and will run from May 22, 2024, to June 12, 2024. Players now have 21 days to get what they want.

The blix.gg team has gathered all the necessary details - datesschedule, and other helpful information about this May's event.


  • An explanation of where the Valorant Night Market is located
  • What benefits does the Valorant night market bring, and why has it been highly anticipated

What is the Night Market?

The Night Market

The Night Market is a cyclical event where Riot Games offers Valorant players the opportunity to purchase skins at discounted prices. This is similar to the "Your Shope" in League of Legends. Here, this random store appears roughly every one and a half to two months or once during each Act.

Night Market returned to Valorant on May 22, 2024, and will end on June 12, 2024.

How Does Night Market Work?

The Night Market

During this event, players will receive six cards, each containing weapon skins that are different from those in previous Valorant sets. Everyone is waiting for this event because these skins are sold at a discounted price. The discounts can go as high as 50%. Here, you can get your favorite weapon skins from popular sets at a lower price.

However, there is no slight chance you won't get an offer on your desired skins, and you may have to wait for the next Night Market.

Valorant's Night Market offers various weapon and knife skins in SelectDeluxe, and Premium editions.

Since the Night Market's initial release in 2020, Riot Games has implemented a bad luck guarantee to keep even the unluckiest players happy. You can get at least two in the Night Market if you still need all the Premium Edition skins.

Once you roll a skin in the Night Market, you can't change it. The game doesn't allow you to reset the items offered; all the skins are revealed randomly.

Note that some skin types will never appear on the Valorant Night Market:

  • Gear skins
  • Battle Pass rewards
  • All Tactical Knife skins that cost over 3,500 VP
  • Any skin in the Exclusive or Ultra Edition, including their melee/knife skin
  • Any new skins or bundles released within the last two Acts

For example, skins from the Primordium bundle will not appear in the next Valorant Night Market. We wrote a Valorant Devilish Primordium Skin Bundle (new) Review article about this collection.

Now, the game has a new Holomoku collection. It was announced on Twitter and is already being discussed on Reddit.

Where is The Valorant Night Market?

Night Market Icon

The Night Market is located in the upper right corner of the game's start screen and appears when it is available in Valorant. It is marked with a shiny map logo — it will be hard to miss. To access the Valorant Night Market, click on the icon.

Immediately after that, the cards will appear on the screen. Turn them over, and you will see the skins offered and their discounts. The skin level depends on the card's background color and the small figure in the right corner.

Skin level

To determine the level of weapon skins by color and designation, check out our list:

  • Select Edition – Blue Circle
  • Deluxe Edition – Green Rhombus
  • Premium Edition – Pink Triangle
  • Ultra Edition – Yellow Diamond
  • Exclusive Edition – Orange Pentagon

Players on Reddit are already discussing what they got in the Night Market this time. If you're interested, we'll leave a link here.

Latest News

XERØFANG Collection

Some weapon skins will be unavailable at this Night Market due to an unresolved bug.

"Hey folks, just a heads up on a bummer: due to a bug with Night Market, the XERØFANG Vandal, XERØFANG Ghost, and Prism//Reloaded Outlaw will not be in the Night Market rotation this Act. We couldn't fix it in time, but we'll have it fixed for the next NM. Sorry!" - told the developers on X.

However, we can sweeten things up when another Night Market comes along, as skins will take their rightful place in the assortment.


Based on the dates of previous times Night Market has returned to the game, we assume the next time will be around August.

In addition, we remind you that you can only get a refund if the skin falls under Valorant's return policy. You cannot request a refund if the policy does not cover the skin.

If you are interested in the direction of thoughts on Valorant skins, then the article Future of Skins in Valorant: Upcoming Releases in 2024 will be helpful.

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