2023 Dota Pro Circuit Preview: China & Southeast Asia

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The 2023 Dota Pro Circuit is just around the corner because the best teams in the world will start playing in just a few days from now. The end of TI 11 allowed us to see a lot of roster changes, but now that the teams are ready, it is time to focus on something new.

Similar to last year’s DPC, this one is divided into several regions. The rules remain relatively the same as before, but the big difference is that the matches in Division I will take place before those in Division II. This will allow Dota 2 fans to keep track of everything and watch their favorite players.

Speaking of Divisions, Tour 1 in China and Southeast Asia will begin shortly, including the best teams in the world. We know these will be some of the most interesting regions, so let’s learn more about them.

China - Overview

Tour 1 in China will begin on January 5 with Division I and will end on February 3. That said, those who want to keep an eye on Division II will need to tune in on January 30 and wait until February 19.

Similar to any other region, this one will have 2 Divisions of 8 teams each. Interestingly, this region also gets 4 Major slots, similar to Western Europe, so the battle for the top 4 will be fierce. Speaking of battles, the teams that finish last will have to go to Division II. Those that finish first and second there will receive a slot for Div I, whereas the worst-performing teams will be eliminated.

China Division I Preview

A quick look at China’s Division I reveals that we will be able to watch the following teams:

  • Xtreme Gaming
  • Team Aster
  • Dawn Gaming
  • Invictus Gaming
  • Knights
  • Aster.Aries

Following the TI 11 results, it is safe to say that Team Aster is the big favorite and the team that others will look up to. Monet and the rest became the only Chinese team that was able to go toe to toe with the top EU squads. Despite not winning the event, Aster proved it is one of the best in the world.

Of course, when talking about China’s DPC, we must mention the most successful team in the last couple of years - PSG.LGD. Albeit failing to shine at TI 11, shiro and co. continue to be the leading powerhouse in the region. Needless to say, the team will be eager to reclaim its throne as the leader in China.

Xtreme Gaming and EHOME are also 2 teams that we expect to perform really well. Xtreme’s failure to qualify for TI 11 shocked the world because it had one of the best rosters. Hopefully, Paparazzi and the rest have figured out their weaknesses and eliminated them.

In terms of EHOME, the team has always been one of the hidden favorites in China. Its current roster consists of promising players, so EHOME definitely has a chance at securing a Major slot.

China Division II Preview

Even though Division II is usually less interesting than Division I, China is an exception to this rule. We will have the chance to watch 8 amazing teams, which we’ve listed below:

  • Vici Gaming
  • Poke Gaming
  • Team Cloud
  • LBZS
  • Ybb Gaming
  • Outsiders from CN
  • Team Mystique
  • Meteor Gaming

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Vici Gaming stands out when compared to the rest. Once one of the best in China, the team had many problems throughout 2022 that didn’t allow it to show its prowess. However, following the roster changes, it seems like VG is ready to shine once more and secure a slot for Division I.

The second team that we expect to secure a Division I slot is Team Mystique. The latter performed really well in their last couple of matches, and the squad has several promising players. Of course, we are yet to see if they will live up to the expectations.

Southeast Asia - Overview

Starting on January 9, the SEA DPC will be organized by Epulze, and it will also consist of several Tours where each one has a Division I and Division II. Everything is the same as in China, except for the fact that Southeast Asia only has 3 Major slots. Consequently, it will be even harder for the top teams in Division I to stand out.

As for Division II, the top 2 teams get a promotion to Division I, whereas the bottom 2 are eliminated from the DPC.

SEA Division I Preview

The action in SEA’s Division 1 kicks off on January 9 and will end on January 30. During that time, we will have the chance to watch 8 of the best teams in the region:

  • Team SMG
  • Execration
  • Fnatic
  • Talon Esports
  • BOOM Esports
  • Bleed Esports
  • Geek Fam
  • Blacklist International

A couple of names stand out on paper, one of which is Fnatic. Known as the best team in SEA, Gabbi and the rest have proven themselves that they have little to no competition in the region. Consequently, we believe that they will be one of the teams that will secure a slot for the upcoming Major.

Aside from Fnatic, BOOM Esports is also one of the main contenders for a Major slot. Even though the team’s TI 11 performance wasn’t as impressive as fans expected, Yopaj and the rest eliminated Team Spirit from the event. This proved that BOOM could win under pressure.

In addition to these two, Blacklist International, Talon Esports, and Team SMG are also among the names that we will keep an eye on. Blacklist International consists of the likes of Kuku and Raven, which are some of the best in SEA. Talon decided to stick with its superstar 23savage because the team has recently gained a lot of experience.

As for Team SMG, the l after has players like MidOne, ah fu, and MooN. The Malaysian roster definitely has enough firepower, but we are yet to see if it can use it properly.

SEA Division II Preview

Generally speaking, Division II in SEA is fascinating because most teams are evenly matched. While we are on the topic of teams, fans will have access to the following names:

  • Polaris Esports
  • UD Vessuwan
  • Army Geniuses
  • Team Flow
  • SPAWN Team
  • Myth Avenge Gaming
  • Atlantis

A couple of interesting names stand out, but if we have to choose 2, we’ll go for Polaris and Army Geniuses. The first team was actually one of the best in SEA in the months prior to TI 11. However, the team made several mistakes that ultimately cost them the Div I spot.

As for Army Geniuses, this roster consists of players like Yowe and InYourdreaM. They’ve proven themselves in the international Dota 2 scene, so we believe they will be among the main contenders.

The bad news in Division II is that we won’t see Nigma Galaxy SEA in action. Sadly, Kuro’s organization made the decision to release its roster in early October. Instead of NGX.SEA, Valve invited UD Vessuwan, a team from Thailand.

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