2023 Dota Pro Circuit Preview: Western Europe & Eastern Europe

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2023 is finally here, and we wish everyone a Happy New Year! Dota 2 players from all over the world are slowly preparing for the upcoming 2023 Dota Pro Circuit. The action will start in just a few weeks from now, and by the looks of it, we will have the chance to watch tons of amazing clashes.

The new DPC will have rules similar to those from 2021-2022, with just a few exceptions. We've already covered them, but let's just say that we will be able to watch more matches in a shorter period.

Naturally, every Dota 2 region will have something to offer, but today, we will look at 2 of the hottest options - Western and Eastern Europe. Even though every region has something to offer, there is no arguing that these 2 lead the chart, especially in the last two years. So, let's learn more about them and see what to expect.

Western Europe - Overview

Those who want to watch the action in Western Europe will have to keep an eye on Tour 1 (Div 1), which starts on January 9 and ends on January 29. We will have access to Divisions I and II (beginning on January 31), and each will have eight teams. The format is a single round-robin where the matches are in Bo3.

The top 2 teams from Divison II will advance to Division I for Tour 2, whereas the bottom two will be eliminated. As for Division I, the top 4 will qualify for the first Major of the year. Sadly, the bottom two will be relegated to Division II for Tour 2. The remaining teams will remain in Division I and II, respectively.

WEU Division II Preview

If we look at Division II in Western Europe, we will find a couple of well-known names and a few new teams. Unsurprisingly, Alliance is the name that stands out because the Europeans have a completely new roster. Instead of building a team around Nikobaby, Loda created a new roster focusing on s4.

Team Bald Reborn is the second team that fans have to keep an eye on while watching the WEU DPC Div 2. This squad consists of names like Gorgc, w33, and Pablo, so it has enough firepower to take down Alliance. We can't wait to see the clash between the two powerhouses.

In addition to these two teams, Ancient Tribe is also a name that fans will be interested in. Lil pleb and LeBronDota have proven themselves in the last couple of years, so the 2023 DPC might be when they show their prowess.

Aside from these three teams, Division II will include D2 Hustlers, IVY, Water Rune Enjoyers, Ooredoo Thunders, and Monaspa. The latter is more interesting than the rest because it has players like dEsire and SsaSpartan, the two Greek Dota 2 superstars.

WEU Division I Preview

Even though Division II seems interesting, Division I in Western Europe is the event that most fans will be interested in. A quick look at the teams reveals that watching every match will be unpredictable and entertaining.

Of course, the team that most people will keep an eye on is Tundra Esports. The current TI champions played one of the most dominant Dota 2 during The International 11, so it shouldn't be surprising that people consider them the favorites.

Even though Tundra is excellent, the team has to play against many other top-tier names, including Team Secret. They've already defeated them in the Grand Final, but Puppey and the rest are eager to take revenge. Interestingly, Secret made a roster change and added BOOM instead of Nisha.

Speaking of Nisha, the top-tier Polish superstar became a part of Team Liquid after MATUMBAMAN retired from professional Dota 2. Following the changes, Liquid looks like one of the best teams in the world.

While we are on the topic of the best, we also have to mention OG. Even though the two-time TI-winning organization lost Ammar, the team signed in DM, a top-tier Russian offlaner. OG will continue to be one of the big favorites.

Ammar joined Nigma Galaxy, a team that successfully made it into Division I. Even though he will have to fill in Miracle-'s role, ATF, SumaiL, and the rest look extremely powerful on paper, so they are one of the leading contenders.

Aside from these four teams, WEU's Division I consists of Gaimin Gladiators, Entity, and Into The Breach. Each has a solid roster and the chance to win against every other name in Division I.

Eastern Europe - Overview

Even though Team Spirit could not return The International trophy to Eastern Europe, the region proved once again one of the best in the world. Many Dota 2 fans will be eager to watch the best teams in action.

Speaking of watching them, the Eastern Europe DPC action in Tour 1 begins on January 8 and will last until January 29. As for Division II, the matches will start two days later so that fans can keep an eye on both divisions.

In terms of the rules, they are the same as in any other region. In other words, the best teams from Div I will advance to the Major, whereas the best in Div II will receive a slot for Division I. The only difference here is that Eastern Europe only has three slots for the Major instead of 4.

Division II

Interestingly, Eastern Europe's Division II looks completely different from last year's. PuckChamp is the only team that most people have heard of, which means that every other name is new.

After analyzing all competitors, it is safe to say that PuckChamps are the favorites. The likes of Malik and young G will do everything in their power to secure one of the slots for Division I. Speaking of the devil, HYDRA is also a team that we'll keep a close eye on because it has good players.

In addition to these two names, Eastern Europe's Division II consists of RISE Esports, YNT, HF, cybercats, and Sigma.YNT and X3. The total prize pool for EEU's Div II is $75.000, so it will be interesting to see which team will win the big prize.

Division I

Although some of you may not be impressed with Division II, Eastern Europe's Division I will provide you with tons of action. Naturally, you can expect to find the best in the region, and they will be fighting for the Major slot, DPC points, and the $205,000 prize pool.

Speaking of the best, we have to start with Team Spirit. Even though the latter couldn't win TI for the second time, the team achieved impressive results in 2022, so it will be the big favorite again. That said, Yatoro and the rest made a significant roster change and removed TORONTOTOKYO from their roster.

The TI-winning midder became a part of the BetBoom Team, but instead of occupying the mid-lane, he will be the team's support. What's interesting about BetBoom is that the organization has an entirely new roster after it decided to release its previous one. The new team consists of Save-, gpk, Pure, and Nightfall.

The old BB Team is now called Darkside, and it included the likes of RodjER and RAMZESS666. Interestingly, the CIS superstar is finally back in the carry role after spending some time playing as an offlaner.

Of course, we also have to share a few words about Virtus. Pro a team that had to change their carry after the roster lock. After their new carry player got banned, VP added krylat to its new roster, which consists of new and talented players.

In addition to these four teams, Eastern Europe's Division I consist of Natus Vincere, Nemiga Gaming, HellRaisers, and One Move. Each of them has tons of new players, so we are yet to see if they stand a chance against the big names in the region.


Don't forget that the action in Western and Eastern Europe start just a couple of days from now. Be sure to follow us for more information about the other DPC regions, and don't forget to check the l attest Dota 2 news.

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