A Final Overview of The Meta in Dota 2 Patch 7.30

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People who have a lot of experience in Dota 2 probably remember that Valve didn’t release many updates. In fact, the company used to give Dota 2 players a massive update that included things like new items, map changes, and loads of nerfs. Some people liked these updates, but others preferred to receive smaller, more frequent changes.

Judging by what happened, the majority of Dota 2 players were in favor of the second idea. Consequently, Valve decided to change its strategy and started releasing new updates multiple times per year. Instead of introducing drastic game changes, the new patch usually fixed some problems and added several new things.

We are yet to see whether the company changed its mind because the current patch (7.30) was released in August. In other words, we have been playing on the same patch for more than 8 months. Needless to say, this hasn’t happened in a while, which is why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many people are eager for the new update.

Unless there is an issue, the new patch should arrive sooner than we think. Until then, we are stuck on Dota 2 Patch 7.30, a patch that was present during TI 10 and Tour 1 of the 2021-2022 DPC. As you can probably guess, most casual and pro players alike already know the ins and outs of this patch. So, let’s go over the heroes that made a name for themselves in the given patch. It is unlikely to see them in the meta once Valve releases the new update.


Every meta has its top support and mid laner heroes, and 7.30 is not an exception. There are a couple of interesting heroes that stand out, but the most popular one is Bane, who was the most pro team’s go-to option in the DPC. Although Bane is not fast, and he doesn’t have a reliable stun, the hero is capable of disabling two targets simultaneously. Furthermore, Bane is relatively strong in the laning stage, making him an ideal choice for some carries that need babysitting.

In addition to everything mentioned so far, Bane is one of the few heroes that have the potential to keep a target in place for an extensive period of time. His ultimate can be extremely powerful against some of the most annoying heroes in the game. This explains why Bane is one of the hottest heroes in Dota 2’s patch 7.30.

Spirit Breaker

While we are on the topic of support, the second hero that we had the chance to see multiple times in the DPC was Spirit Breaker. Many people didn’t expect to see this hero in pro games because it is often associated with PUBs. In order for SB to be effective, he has to charge heroes, which typically involves diving under towers. Needless to say, this is not an idea for the pro scene, where every wrong move can have devastating consequences.

With that being said, the current meta allowed heroes like SB to shine. Due to the fact that he is very tanky, he can easily pressure every lane during the early and mid-game. When combined with some of the mid laners you will see in just a bit, he can kill almost any hero on the map. This means that Spirit Breaker is one of the best tempo controllers in Dota 2 right now. His pressure provides enough space for late-game carries to shine.


The third support hero that appeared a lot more frequently than others is Snapfire. Many people didn’t expect this hero to become so popular once it was introduced to the game. However, after some of the best players in the world decided to give it a try, it suddenly became one of the go-to options for many teams.

Nowadays, Snapfire is used by players from every region because the hero provides a lot of utility. It may not be the best in the laning stage, but the fact that the hero has a stun and her ultimate does tons of damage makes her among the best in the mid-game.

Queen of Pain

After going over some of the support heroes, it is time to point out the most sought-after mid laner in patch 7.30. Queen of Pain is a hero that “comes and goes” because she is not always in the meta. Even though she wasn’t that popular before, the current patch allows the hero to shine, thanks to the popular supports.

Besides being one of the most annoying mid laners in Dota 2, QoP can also do a lot of damage during the mid-game. Those who decide to utilize the hero’s spell damage try to be as aggressive as possible. With that being said, QoP can also be a fantastic right clicker, especially if you get items, such as Desolator and MKB. The fact that the hero does a lot of damage and has Blink makes it among the preferred options.

Wraith King

Another core hero that gets a lot of attention lately is Wraith King. This is one of the STR carries that plays a crucial for many teams, such as Alliance. Nikolay “Nikobaby” Nikolov used the hero “before he was cool” and continues to be among his go-to options. With that being said, many other teams started utilizing this hero because he can work well in many situations.

Wraith King’s main strength is the fact that the hero has to die two times in order to be eliminated from the team fight. His ultimate is not that good early on, but having a free aegis during the late game is impressive, to say the least. Unfortunately, the upcoming update will probably nerf WK because some people think he is more powerful than he should be.


The next name on our list is Razor, a hero that has always been a trendy option for pro teams. Razor is one of the heroes that is rarely a meta mid laner, but he is strong in many situations. In most cases, people pick the hero when they want to counter a particular mid laner. However, some pro teams rely on Razor’s mid-damage potential. After all, he is easily one of the strongest heroes at that stage of the game.

Some teams that pick Razor try to focus on the late game, but this is not a good idea. Razor is a mid-game monster because he can steal damage and use it to his advantage. Furthermore, the hero is pretty tanky, which means he can soak a lot of damage.


Kunkka is a versatile hero that can fit in many roles. He is often picked as a support due to his ganking capabilities. However, Kunkka definitely shines more in the mid-lane. Thanks to Tidebringer, Kunkka can easily demolish weak laners and snowball out of control.

There are all sorts of item builds that you can go for if you decide to pick this hero. Some people focus on getting as much HP and armor as possible, whereas others prefer to focus on damage. Regardless of the option you go for, Kunkka is an excellent hero that can do wonders.

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