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The International 11 put an end to last year’s DPC with Tundra Esports winning the most prestigious Dota 2 event. Even though we don’t expect any changes for the championship roster, most other teams have already added and/or removed players. Every team wants to ensure its roster is strong enough to compete in the upcoming DPC.

There have been a lot of interesting changes in the last couple of weeks, which is why we’ve decided to combine them into a single article. Following the roster transfers, some teams look a lot more dangerous than others, so here’s what you should know. Although keep in mind that the things you are about to see are in no particular order.

EG has a new roster

Perhaps one of the biggest changes in the upcoming DPC was EG’s decision to release its entire roster. To be fair, most people expected this to happen because the North American powerhouse was underperforming. Despite their excellent results in the Group, EG crumbled at TI 11’s playoffs and lost 2 matches in a row.

Several days after the end of the event, the organization decided to drop its entire roster. Most fans expected the organization to get a new North American team. However, EG chose to focus on South America, building a team that consisted of players from BC and Thunder Awaken.

Following the Dota 2 roster changes, the new powerhouse is led by Farith “Matthew” Puente, and it consists of Christian “Pakazs” Savina, Jean "Chris Luck" Salazar, Adrián "Wisper" Dobles, and Jose "Pandaboo" Hernandez. The draft looks good on paper, but we have yet to see its results.

T1 decided to disband its roster

After a very disappointing 2022, T1, one of the biggest companies in the world when it comes down to eSports, decided to step away from Dota 2, at least for now. After the team failed to qualify for TI with the likes of Ana and Topson, the organization decided to step down.

We don’t have any information yet on whether there will be a new T1 team and if it will focus on SEA. There are loads of good players looking for a team, so it will be really interesting to see what will happen.

Alliance has a new roster

There is no arguing that Alliance is also one of the teams that never lived up to the expectations. Players like Nikobaby and the rest looked promising in 2021, but 2022 was a disaster. As a result, it was time for some Dota 2 roster changes.

After dropping to the T2 WEU teams, Alliance made their way back but finished Tour 3 of the DPC without winning a single match. This was disappointing, to say the least, which is why the organization decided it was high time for some drastic changes.

Most of the players who are a part of the organization’s roster are new, but one of them is very familiar. Gustav “s4” Magnusson was a part of Alliance’s roster during TI 3 when they won the event. Besides him, the new draft consists of Handsken, ponlo, ChYuan, and CharlieDota. Interestingly, ChYuan and ponlo are from SEA, whereas everyone else is from WEU.

Miracle- is no longer a part of Nigma, the latter signed ATF

One of Dota 2’s most loved players decided it was time to step down from the game and focus on his health. Miracle- announced it on Twitter, which means that Nigma Galaxy had to look for a new carry. Even though most people expected this Dota 2 roster change would result in a spot for Arteezy, the EU squad ended up with OG’s Ammar.

There were rumors regarding Ammar’s decision to leave OG after the end of TI 11. Even though the young squad was among the best throughout 2022, it failed to show what it’s capable of at TI. It seems like this had an effect on Ammar’s decision and why he decided to make a move.

TORONTOTOKYO left Team Spirit

Surprisingly, Team Spirit couldn’t show everything it was capable of. After their somewhat dominant performance in the DPC and winning the second Major, most people expected the team to be among the big TI favorites. Sadly, Spirit did not live up to their fan’s expectations.

The loss against BOOM in the Lower Bracket put an end to their dreams of winning TI for the second time in a row. Whether this affected the organization’s decision is unclear, we know that TOKYO is no longer a part of the club. Instead of the TI-winning midder, the team signed in Denis “Larl Sigitov.

Speaking of the devil, TORONTOTOKYO is now a part of BetBoom. The clashes between him and his ex-team will be extremely fun to watch.

Nisha is now a part of Team Liquid

When talking about Dota 2 roster changes, one of the most disappointing ones involves Nisha. The top-tier Polish player was Team Secret’s biggest star in the last couple of years. Although he carried the team to success many times, Secret decided to part ways with him.

Unsurprisingly, Nisha needed just a few days to find a new home, and he moved to Team Liquid. The latter has the same roster we saw compete last season, except for MATUMBAMAN, who announced his retirement earlier this year, with his matches on TI 11’s final day the last of his career. Although not many players can fill his role, Nisha is undoubtedly among them.

Fy joins Vici Gaming

There are loads of top-tier Chinese players that people look up to. However, when it comes down to support, just a few names stand out, and FY is one of them.

The legendary Chinese player was a part of numerous teams over the years, including PSG.LGD and its best roster. His last team was iG, but after failing to live up to the expectations, it was time for some Dota 2 roster changes.

Fy is now a part of Vici Gaming, an organization that also suffered a lot in the last few years. Although it was one of the best, Vici Gaming couldn’t qualify for TI 11, so it had to make some changes. This is where fy and his experience come to play.

Of course, there are loads of other roster changes, but we can’t include anything in one article. Be sure to check the official Dota 2 DPC registration for more information.

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