Apeks benches chawzyyy and AcilioN

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Published  23 Jun, 15:22
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Norwegian esports organization Apeks benches Asger "⁠AcilioN⁠" Larsen and Hugo "⁠chawzyyy⁠" Günther.

The move was a result of the team having the "wrong composition of players" and insufficient results, according to Apeks' Head of Esports, Anders Kjær:
"It is a pity that we ended up here, but together with the players we have decided that changes are necessary," the chief said. "We simply ended up having the wrong composition of players. The results have not been on par with what we expect. We have learned much from the last six months and feel confident that this is the best way forward for everyone".

The new team was put together at the beginning of the year around AcilioN, who remained as the only player from the previous roster, with the organization setting the goal to become a stable top 20 team with the signings of Tim "⁠nawwk⁠" Jonasson, Joakim "⁠jkaem⁠" Myrbostad, Martin "⁠STYKO⁠" Styk, and chawzyyy.

The team briefly resided around the top 30 following a runner-up finish at the Pinnacle Winter Series 1 and a win at the Tipsport Bratislava Cup, but they were unable to take the next step, failing to qualify for the PGL Major RMR, BLAST Premier Spring Showdown, and IEM Dallas.