Astral Clash to suspend Team Fallacy due to investigation

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Published  30 Jul, 20:09
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Astral Clash tournament organizers have decided to investigate accusations of Team Fallacy for using a non-team member during a tournament play. They have also suspended the team from the finals.

“During the Astral Clash Last Chance Qualifier, tournament organizers were notified of reports that suspected Team Fallacy of account sharing during tournament play. Due to the ongoing investigation led by Riot Games into this matter, the tournament organizers have made the decision to suspend Team Fallacy from participating in the Astral Clash Live Finals,” said Astral Clash's statement.

Organizers also decided to replace Team Fallacy with Native Gaming White at the Astral Clash Finals.

Team Fallacy members will not be permitted in any Galorants Tournaments or Astral Clash until their investigation concludes.

The scandal started earlier this week. An anonymous Twitter account posted a dossier accusing Team Fallacy player "mars" and her boyfriend, former TSM Academy player Nate "Payen" Lopez, of cheating.

The dossier's author claimed that Payen played instead of his girlfriend at the female competition. The accusations were based on an analysis of the player's atypical behavior.