Benched Heroes to skip RMR

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Published  29 Sep, 13:23
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Benched Heroes' sniper Owen "smooya" Butterfield has announced that the team will miss the IEM Road to Rio 2022: European RMR due to visa issues.

"After qualifying for the biggest event possible with a complete mix to missing out due to something sadly easily preventable. Crushed is the only word:( thanks for all the support kings and queens," he noted on Twitter.

Previously, it was known that the two players of the mix, Evgeniy "Aunkere" Karyat and Turkish Buğra "Calyx" Arkın, were denied a visa to Malta.

Now, many Russians are experiencing visa difficulties due to the war in Ukraine. Initially, a number of countries blocked the issuance of visas to them to put pressure on Russia. Subsequently, mobilization was announced in the Russian Federation and the visa authorities fear that the Russians will not fulfill the conditions and not return home. This has become an additional reason for visa denials.

IEM Rio Major 2022: European RMR will be held October 4-10 in Malta. Participants will compete for 16 slots at IEM Rio Major 2022.