Best 10 Christmas gift ideas for CS:GO!

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Christmas is just around the corner, and with that in mind, what better way to celebrate the season of giving than to find the perfect gift for the family member or friend who enjoys playing CSGO?

If you are struggling to find the perfect gift for that specific person who loves CSGO, don't worry, as we have listed our top 10 gift ideas for CSGO this Christmas. Our picks can help you decide what to look into or purchase for your loved one this year!

Gamers can be a tough crowd to please. So when picking the perfect gifts for them this year, we looked at things that can help them perform better in-game and items that remind them of their passion for Counter-Strike. Our list will bring out the best gameplay from their gaming rig. Smooth gameplay with good FPS is important for CSGO, and we have found some of the best performance enhancers to ensure they experience great gameplay. These presents are sure to impress, from accessories to computer parts that professional E-Sports players use.

SteelSeries | QCK Heavy mousepad

This extra-thick mousepad will definitely improve gameplay. Have maximum control with the non-slip rubber base, and be prepared to experience smooth and rapid movements with the soft cloth top to really out-stun your opponents. The matt black mousepad is sure to stand out in your gaming setup. Whether you prefer a mousepad that is sizeable enough for just your mouse to sit on, or if you want a mousepad that is sizeable for both your mouse and keyboard to sit on, the QCK Heavy mousepad comes in three different sizes.

The mousepad sizes come in:

  • Medium (Can be purchased for $14.99).
  • Large (Can be purchased for $24.99)
  • XXL (Can be purchased for $29.99)


What is better than a replica of your family or friends' favorite CSGO Karambit knife? With its stainless steel blade and ABS plastic handle, this replica knife shows off the beauty and uniqueness it has to offer, and it is purchasable for $39.90. Add a StatTrak and Name tag to make it their own truly. Give them the option to position their Karambit knife on the Karambit display stand, which is purchasable for only $14.90. Add the Karambit keychain for extra detail and personality, which can be purchased for only $10.90. With plenty of designs to choose from, this desk accessory is sure to be a special gift for your gaming friend or family member.

ZOWIE | FK2-C Mouse for E-Sports

Do you want to surprise your friend or family member with a new sleek, black mouse to add to their gaming setup? Then this is the perfect mouse to really bring out the best performance in a game. Not only does it have a stunning look, but it is played with by their favorite E-Sports professionals giving it that specialty a CSGO fan wants to have. This mouse is the best and smoothest option when it comes to quick turnarounds and rapid gunfire. This mouse can be purchased in three different sizes depending on their preference.

The mouse sizes come in:

  • Medium (Can be purchased for $97.26)
  • Large (Can be purchased for $97.26)
  • XL (Can be purchased for $97.26)

Logitech | G935 Wireless gaming RGB headset

Get an advantage on hearing the most subtle of footsteps from the opponent with their own soundproofing headset. Match their setup's aesthetic by programming reactive lighting and colors using the G HUB software. Be able to speak clearly to teammates using the attached mic. Feel free to move wherever you like with up to 12 hours of battery life wearing these wireless headphones. Feel comfortable carrying the light weighted headset and enjoy the cushion to comfort their ears while they play for hours. With this headset costing a price of $112.41, it is the perfect choice for the best gameplay.

Displate | Dust 2 Bomb Site A

Showcase your most treasured Counter-Strike map with a variety of CSGO Displate favorites to choose from. Personalize your Displate by choosing from a selection of four different frames (Natural wood pattern, Graphite, White wood pattern, and a Blackwood pattern) and/or add a glossy finish from the original matte display for that extra shine. The tool-free magnet kit that comes with the Displate will allow them to hang their image anywhere they like. Choose from a variety of different sizes to suit their chosen room ranging from medium to extra large. This gift choice would turn a normal bedroom into a perfectly decorated gaming room.

Idolstore | Christmas sweatshirt CSGO Asimov Counter-Strike

Feel festive with this warm winter sweatshirt made out of soft fabrics. The popping orange, midnight black, snow white, and frosty snowflakes perfectly mix Counter-Strike and Christmas. Fit for both males and females, this eye-catching sweatshirt can be worn for any occasion. The straight, sharp lines show off the sweatshirt's boldness. It comes in many different sizes ranging from extra small (XS) to six times extra large (6XL) for both men and women. This Christmas sweatshirt, purchasable for $58, is an excellent gift for someone who wants to feel comfortable while gaming.

KNIFY | Figurine

Bring humor into a gift by purchasing one of the figurines from Knify. Does your friend or family insist that they have perfect gameplay and no problem was ever their fault? Do you know of them to have spent many hours in Counter-Strike but like to join lower-ranked games to be better than everyone else? Or how they can get quick-tempered easily when things don't go how they imagined them to, so their only way of getting the team through a match is by shouting commands at them? Have you known someone to hide away in corners and wait patiently to catch someone past them while everyone else is trying to plant the bomb? There is a brilliant selection of funny figurines for all of these scenarios. Make your loved one laugh this Christmas as they are purchasable for $29.90.

E-Sports Jerseys

Give a special gift to your loved one by showing off their logo on their own personalized E-Sports clothing. Surprise them with a custom team jersey that can be purchased for $54.70, or go the extra mile by adding a custom E-Sports hoodie (can be purchased for $54.70) or jacket (can be purchased for $54.70) to keep them warm this Christmas. If you know that they are passionate about a specific professional E-Sports team, gift them a jersey with either their name or their favorite team's name printed on the back. These pro team jerseys range from $70 to $100; these pro team jerseys are great for a CSGO gamer.

VALVE | Hyper Beast canvas wallet

Choose from a variety of CSGO-inspired canvas wallets that are made out of 100% polyester. This gift is perfect for someone you know who loves Counter-Strike and has personal items they can't store in a safe place. These vibrant-colored wallets will stand out easily amongst anything, making it hard to get lost. This unique artwork brings out the wallet's individuality as it's like no other. Pick from the Clucker Strike canvas wallet, the Hyper Beast canvas wallet, and the Death by Kitty canvas wallet, which are all purchasable for only $10. Be sure to brighten up someone's Christmas this year with this eye-catching gift!

Thedota2store | Counter Strike mug

This Ceramic mug serves a morning Christmas hot chocolate this season. As well as being able to use this durable cup all year round, it's the best gift for someone who has a hot drink every morning. Its navy blue on the outside and its bright orange on the inside really symbolize some of the primary colors of CSGO. The simple CSGO wording in black letters with the iconic Counter-Strike logo in between makes this mug the most visually appealing. This midnight blue mug can be purchased for $29 and is a heartwarming gift for your friend or family member this year.

That wraps up our top 10 Christmas gift ideas for CSGO this season for 2022. These unique presents will make your CSGO friend smile this year. We hope you have a jolly Christmas this year. Make sure to follow to keep up to date with new content!

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