Best 10 Spectre Skins in Valorant

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Valorant quickly evolved into one of the most favored FPS of today. A primary reason for this is its unique style. And particular guns or, more precisely, their striking visuals, achieved by skins, continue to draw players in with dynamic characters, a range of abilities, and an extensive collection of weapons. One such weapon is Spectre. Here are the Top-10 skins for it.

Best Spectre Skins List

  1. Forsaken
  2. Spline
  3. Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster
  4. Magepunk
  5. BlastX
  6. Protocol
  7. Prime
  8. Radiant crisis
  9. Singularity
  10. Ruination

Forsaken Spectre

Forsaken is an incredible picture of detailed carvings and glowing gemstones.

Comes with green or gold decorative gems that glow while destroying opponents or reloading. The finisher kneels an enemy and anoints him with giant wings that turn into many crows and bizarrely carry the enemy away. Costs 1,775 VP.

Spline Spectre

Spline is that skin that is either loved or hated. It is one of the best skins because of its stunning design. Its convoluted structure twists and turns around with bright blue gems with an ethereal and alien feel. It is available for 1,775 VP.

Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster Spectre

GUN Spectre looks like it was taken out from old video games, but at the same time, with the impression of an excellent, modern, with no less cool bullet effects! The skin cost 1,775 VP.

Magepunk Specter

What about Magepunk Specter? It makes the player feel like he is holding a transformer! Or even more - feel like Tesla! During the reload, the feeling of the weapon being charged with electricity appeared on April 1, 2021, and costs 1,776 VP.

BlastX Specter

BlastX Specter is a nerf gun that's playful and fun, displaying true creativity from Riot! Even her projectiles look like toys and charmingly get stuck in the wall. Costs 2175 VP.

Protocol Specter

The Protocol Specter is a futuristic weapon with a twist. It has a very stylish design, developed a hundred years later than the time we live in! Bullets have the same sound effects, and when reloading, it feels like the player is reassembling the weapon every time!It costs 2475 VP: a little expensive, but worth it!

Prime Specter

Prime Specter is a skin of immense elegance, with tons of visual effects and a reload animation that looks like it is loading a weapon from Star Trek. Not to mention the "crunchy" sound of bullets and the visual effect of smoke! It costs 1775 VP.

Radiant Crisis

This Radiant Crisis, which costs 1,775 VP, may appear blank on the outside appearance compared to some. Still, this comic-book-style gun skin will reveal bright, bold visuals with different animations during reloads and firing.


Singularity is undoubtedly one of the most visually stunning weapon skins with its clean, modern style. Its plain black mixed with the bright purple speaks for itself. This skin during play becomes more transparent, and the kill animation turns into a cosmic black hole, from which constellations spread out in glowing purple light. It costs 2,175 VP.


Ruination is a skin introduced during the Sentinels of Light event and the Viego character. All animations with this skin, such as reloading and firing, create a unique shadow and air around the gun. The kill animation shows a cyclone over the enemy character, which is hanging in the air and will follow the movements of your character with a lifeless gaze. The skin cost is 2,175 VP.

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