Best Ideas Christmas Gifts for CS:GO Players 2022

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Christmas is a time to give gifts. And what could be better than a gift related to your favorite game?

There are plenty of great Christmas gifts for the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans.

In this article we will tell you about the best Christmas gifts for CS:GO gamers this year.

CS:GO Clothing


If a friend or family member enjoys watching CS:GO tournaments, a pro jersey would be the perfect Christmas gift. Many popular teams sell their team jerseys online. Try to find out what team the player likes, then it will be easier to choose a gift, it is even possible to order custom jerseys.

If you don't have information about your friend's favorite team or player, there's a second option: - choose the item from the official CS:GO store. They sell T-shirts, hoodies, backpacks, wallets, and vinyl figurines straight from the CS:GO developer.

CS:GO In-game Skins

A Steam account will help make this idea a reality. On the Steam community marketplace, users can purchase any skin they want by taking advantage of the Christmas Day shopping offer. Weapon skins can be very expensive, but there are options in every price range. To have a clear idea of prices, go to CS:GO Stash and look for something that would make a great gift. In addition, a skin gifted for Christmas can be adorned with a name tag for a fee.

But if everything described above sounds too complicated, then there is another option - buying a Steam gift card.

CS:GO Knife Replicas

Skins can only be seen in-game. But knife replicas allow fans to get their favorite skin in real life as a Christmas present. And they cost less than many in-game skins.

There are many stores online that are dedicated to making replicas. There's usually a selection there for all tastes, from sharp-edged knives to regular toy knives. There is also a large selection of sizes: the knives can be the same size as regular knives in life, or they can be small to use as a keychain.

CS:GO Licensed Trading Cards has partnered with ESL to release a set of licensed CS:GO trading cards featuring teams and players in regular, gold, and holographic. The more legendary the card, the more luck it will take to find it in the packs.

Each set has different card content ratios:

  • Matte cards are about 70.00%;
  • Basic and limited holographic cards are 26% to 28.5%;
  • Rare, ultra-rare, and secretly rare holographic cards are 1.4% to 3.86%.

All CS:GO trading cards are uniquely identified and collectible. There is a QR code on the back. Scan the QR code on the back of the card to register it and unlock its unique digital twin in the app. Owners of these cards can collect them and compete with other collectors.

Hyper Beast Canvas Wallet

The Hyper Beast is one of the most iconic skins in CS:GO, so much so that SteelSeries made a mouse and mousepad based on it years ago.

However, skins can not be used in real life, but the gift can be an everyday item that will serve as a reminder of a favorite game.

One of the things that are always with us is a wallet. That's why it would be a great CS:GO Christmas gift.

New Headset

Headsets are extremely important in CS:GO as all professional and competitive players use sound to their advantage.

There is a lot of useful audio information in the game that can only be heard through good headphone sound. For example, the footsteps of an enemy walking toward the player or a grenade hitting a wall.

Many professional gamers use the HyperX Cloud II Headset, which can also be seen at many CS:GO tournaments. Its price is quite acceptable for the quality it provides. Among other things, it has the advantage of being suitable for PCs as well as all consoles, including Playstation and Xbox One.

There are other good options on the headset market, the main thing is to know the player's preferences.


Paintings are a great way to please a player in CS:GO. This Christmas gift will have both spiritual and physical meaning - it will serve as a home decoration.

The choice of images is enormous, from popular map landscapes to stunning stickers taken directly from the game. In addition, there are posters for almost all CS:GO maps with explosion bomb sites and the most known positions. The final touch is to add a frame, and the perfect gift is ready.


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