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With LOCK//IN being the tournament watched by many in the Esports scene, it has led to there being a huge amount of eyes on the game of VALORANT. While seeing professional players trying out unique lineups as well as character compositions on various maps, fans have speculated what are some of the best agents to try out on each map. After seeing a team like DRX use Harbor on Icebox, many fans have tried to replicate the same impact. This only results in there being more rage from their teammates for having the lineups all wrong.

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Each map in VALORANT has its unique layout and features, and understanding these nuances is crucial when selecting agents. Proper team composition is vital to achieving success in VALORANT, a well-balanced team of agents can help control key positions on the map, gather information on the enemy team, and secure objectives. Understanding each agent's strengths and weaknesses and their suitability for different maps is key to creating a winning team. Today we look at three of the best agents to use on each map in VALORANT.

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Split is a map back in the competitive cycle of maps, after being banned previously. It has to lead there to quite a return of some of the older fans of the game. It is known for having one of the most chaotic mid-sites of any map in the game. Best VALORANT Split agents for the players to test out are:

· Raze

· Astra

· Viper

The first thing to notice here is the need for smoke and walls on this map. This is due to the size of the map being so small, the Viper "Toxic Screen" wall can block mid and either side with ease. Viper with the help of her Ultimate can also take control over either site on the map, be it mid-A main or even B main. Raze with the help of the Boom Bot can easily clear most of the angles while entering a site, with her Paint Shells applying pressure to the Defenders to the back of the site. Finally, we have

Astra, who is one of the characters who can immediately smoke any part of the map, while also being able to clear choke points with her Gravity Well and Nova Pulse.



Having a look at the latest map we have in VALORANT, it is Lotus. While still being new to the competitive scene, we have seen quite a few matches during LOCK//IN on it. Currently, the characters one should be looking into would be:

· Killjoy

· Omen

· Raze

Killjoy, since the nerf to Chamber, has become the most picked agent in the game. Her Turret and Alarmbot help to keep a good amount of map control and the Nanoswarm simply can be used to make each chokepoint a trap to get kills.


Omen is a must due to the ability to teleport to either side of this huge map simply gives an edge over any other agent. With his smokes, one can cover the main to either site on Defence. Raze is solid on Lotus due to having abilities to simply push and apply pressure on the opponents. One must note that with the new patch nerfing her Boom Bot, it will be interesting to see her pick rate. There you go trying out best Lotus agents Valorant.

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We next have Pearl. A map that is wrongly hated for being the reason that Split was removed from the map pool. Pearl is one of the more complex maps to understand on Attack due to the multiple manners to enter either side. The best Pearl agents to try out are:

· Killjoy

· Jett

· Astra

Attributing to its size in the game, the need for universal presence has been the focal point here. Concerning Jett, one might have the mobility needed to move away from the Operator holder along B main.

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As such now with the Updrafts we have seen quite the creative kills on the map as well. Astra was able to use her Ultimate to split the entire map into two parts, while the immediate smoke (Cloudburst) allows you to block out the entry on either site. Killjoy, as stated before, can have a Turret on either site or even mid as well as another Alarmbot and Nanoswarms in A art to stop a push into the site.



One of the most debated maps in the game is Fracture. This is due to the ability to pinch the Defenders from either side, many either love or don’t like this map at all. The best Agents to play on Fracture VALORANT are as follows:

· KAY/0

· Breach

· Brimstone

Within this map we see three completely new agents to test out and well there is quite a reason for this. Starting with KAY/0, we have a character who can get the location of the opponents. Null/cmd, the Ultimate ability, simply stops any form of utility being used in the post-plant or even while entering the site. Honestly, this map is the main reason for the revival of Breach within VALORANT. This is due to there being so many corners and walls that are present on this map, Breach becomes the ideal initiator to push into a site with.

Brimstone is one of the few agents that has been present since the initial release of the game and on a map like Fracture is vital. He can block all choke points with the help of his smokes and his Ultimate, Orbital Strike, is the most effective Ultimate to use to stop the plant from taking place.


Icebox is known for being a heavily debated map as well as one which has had many changes made to its structure. Icebox is the map simply known to be the one where Sage is a must-pick. The other decent agents to try out on Icebox are:

· Killjoy

· Sova

· Viper

Not adding Sage to this list is simply because her wall (Barrier Orb) is only used on the plant and nothing more can be said. Thus, making the character one-dimensional.


The idea of using "Grim Walls" to create off-angels will restrict the wall to be used while planting. The character who must be highlighted here is Sova, being mentioned for the first time in this article and there is a particular reason for his inclusion.

Due to having Shock Bolts, he can be the ultimate counter to a character like Killjoy. If there is a lockdown that has been placed, Sova can use the Ultimate to break it while stopping the retake. While on the other hand, the Shock Bolts, if placed right, can even break the Alarmbots which will be helping reduce the map presence that Killjoy has on this map.


Going back to the classics, this map follows the epitome of first-person shooters. Having such an emphasis on mid-control is what makes Ascent the map that it is. The characters one must try out on this map are:

· Jett

· Kayo

· Killjoy

Each agent has its share of traits that will be beneficial to a team on this map. If we look at Killjoy, her Turret can help in getting information for A main or even B Main. One can play on the contact of the Turret and get to work. While on the other hand, the Alarmbot can be placed in mind to know if there is any presence in the market. Due to the design of the map, Jett’s Updrafts are one of the most useful abilities, having the ability to get unique off-angles will always catch the opponents off guard. The sole purpose of KAY/0 is for the post plant to use the Null/cmd to stop the post plant's heavy utility.

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