Big broher: Valorant players will be bugged

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Published  27 Jun, 11:55
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Riot Games has updated its Privacy Notice and Terms of Service to allow itself to record and evaluate in-game voice communications.

Valorant developer explained it by combating disruptive behavior.

Earlier this year, we also mentioned that as a part of our current game systems that combat disruptive behavior, voice evaluation would provide a way to collect clear evidence that could verify any violations of behavioral policies before we can take any action. This would also help us share back to players why a particular action resulted in a penalty.

On July 13 Riot Games will begin a background launch of the voice evaluation system in North America/English-only to help train our language models and get the tech in a good enough place for a beta launch later this year.

Voice evaluation during this period will not be used for disruptive behavior reports. That will only begin with the future beta.