Bizinha on 00Nation: “We saw that both of us wanted to be champions”

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History was made in Counter-Strike. Bruna “bizinha” Marvila decided to retire from the CS:GO scenario and the game lost one of the female players with more history in the competitive scene.

Bizinha was the third player to retire from CS:GO from the first Brazilian female roster that made success in Brazil and qualified for the female IEM Katowice in 2018. From that roster, Juliana “showliana” Maransaldi is on Evil Geniuses VALORANT roster and Pamella “pan” Shibuya is looking for a team in VALORANT after a time in MIBR competing in Riot FPS.

Camila “cAmyy” Natale and Gabriela “GaBi” Maldonado are still active in CS:GO in Black Dragons and FURIA, respectively.

Bizinha talked about a Last Dance with that lineup.

“I have a special affection for all the players from that roster. I believe that a Last Dance is very difficult to happen due to different career moments and mentality. I think it would be very cool to make it happen in a show match.”

One of the most known CS:GO faces of all time, Bizinha gave her opinion on the current state of the female CS:GO scene.

“I respect a lot the female scene because it was the place that I developed, and my experience came from there. However, I can’t talk about a thing without comparing it to others. I see the CS:GO female scene way below the VALORANT, there’s more investment, more teams, and more people giving their attention to VALORANT. I expect much more from the VALORANT scene than the CS:GO one.”

Writing a new story

In March 2022, Bizinha decided to pursue his history in another game, VALORANT. MIBR player, Bizinha made the transition process with the CS:GO female roster as well, playing and practicing both matches. The question is: the process met the expectations?

“Yes, it met my expectations. When we started the project it was double-FPS, we played VALORANT and CS:GO at the same time. We met a lot of challenges during that time, in the middle of the year we had to rebuild the roster because some players wanted to stay only in CS and others only in VALORANT. When we joined MIBR we promised them to get top 4 and at the end of the year we were able to get it.”

A lot of players caught the opportunity and made the change to VALORANT from CS:GO, but how’s that process since the game adds the agents with different abilities each?

“In my time transitioning to VALORANT, I understood that for me to be a good player and I need to learn a lot of things, not only one role. When you learn more things, when you’re facing the opponent you’ll understand what he’s trying to do and you react quicker.”

“I never had the intention to learn about only one agent. In the beginning, I was Initiator, in the Chamber meta I was Chamber and now I’m a duelist. In CS:GO you need to know several roles too and in VALORANT it’s not different, even though you have a lot of variations in the roles.”

Joining 00Nation

The Norwegian organization with operations in Brazil decided to expand to VALORANT with an inclusive roster and a female. The inclusive roster consists in:

  • Bruna “bizinha” Marvila
  • Nathalia “nanah” Hammoud
  • Camila “Sayuri” Obam
  • Antônia “antG” Garcia
  • Melissa “mel” Souza
  • Nicolas “srn” Niederauer
  • Ricardo “rik” Furquim (coach)

“The opportunity came at the end of the last year and we two saw that both wanted to be champions. The process of scouting to do this roster was a very troubled time because there were a lot of things happening at the same time. I believe we made the better possible in our choices. We’re still, in the beginning, there are a lot of things to fix yet, but we’ll work on that.”

With six players on the roster, srn will be on the bench while waiting to do 16 years old, the minimum age to compete in Riot tournaments.

“srn is a player for the future, when we built the project we knew that he was about to do 16 in May 2023, so I believe in the second semester srn can join the project as the titular. Until then he watches our practices.”

“rik as our coach has been adding his past experience in Liberty. In our team, everyone has a different vision of the game, and he tries to give his vision to everyone to follow.”

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