Brazilian GS:GO legend FalleN plans to retire in 2023

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Published  28 Jul, 20:22
Reading time  ~2  mins

31-years old Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo, the in-game leader for Imperial Esports, has announced plans to leave the professional scene as a gamer.

"You cannot do the same thing your entire life; it's impossible. Maybe I've been thinking about that myself lately because I'm going to stop sometime soon, in the next year and a half, something like that," FalleN said on the Monkey Business Show podcast.

He mentioned interest in becoming a coach, but the lifestyle and schedule of a coach is just as hard as that of a player. Therefore, he also thinks about diving into content creation.

"I really like streaming, I really like creating content and being in touch with people. Streaming is pretty cool because I would be able to stay at home, and that's something that I think about," FalleN said. "I really like the teaching part of the game, where I can develop new players. I’m really fascinated by it. I have a lot of knowledge that I really know how to pass on. I know things that can make people better."

FalleN has been in Counter-Strike since 2005.