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Tainhai is a great character to play in Naraka! He is not just a warrior but also a monk; his main goal is to save the world. This means that Tainhai is ready for anything, including giving his life for the lives of others! Moreover, both of his powers are at an extremely high level. Hence, Tainhai guide - at your service!


Tainhai's skills are versatile. For example, the DivineBell skill allows Tainhai to form a full-fledged protective shield around himself. And this is not just a shield - it blocks physical damage and helps ricochet bullets back toward the enemy! Players can also choose a version of the protectionthat throws enemies aside. Very handy indeed! Using this ability at the beginning of the fight is recommended since the cooldown of the DivineBell takes about twenty-five seconds, and the player needs to have this time.

Tainhai: How To Get

Tanhai is free and unrestricted at the start of the player's road through Naraka: Bladepoint. No special requirements!

Skills and Ultimate

If upgraded to its Counter variant, the Bell will quickly disarm enemies attacking with Blue Focus. If Tainhai is attacked, it will be impossible to use Divine Bell. If you use the Explosion variation, the enemies will find themselves suddenly airborne around Tainhai. Unfortunately, the player won't be able to use this variation of DivineBell in the same way in case of an attack on the character.

As for the ultimate ability, Call of the Titan, Tainhai becomes a huge Warja, a battle monk. Crushing all opponents in its path, always ready to emit a shock wave at the enemy or, on the contrary, restore life or armor resistance of equipment to allies. Thus, Tainhai is indispensable to the team - he is both a healer and an attacker who quickly destroys enemies with one blow! And he can remain a titan for forty seconds.

Regarding the Call of the Titan, it's worth clarifying that Tainhai's Varja is genuinely exquisite, so it's worth using the Call in open areas. It doesn't matter how close the enemies are to you - no problem, Call of the Titan crushes everyone. And if Tainhai stomps, the enemies lose the ability to use the hook! Suppose the player prefers to be not a fighting and evil titan but a kind giant. In that case, he can stomp perfectly, preventing enemies from attacking friends and healing his comrades. Just remember that healing comrades require a modification of the Call of the Titan, called Guard, and then the duration of the Vajra form is reduced to thirty-five seconds. If you stomp (which also requires a special modification), the period reduction becomes even more drastic. In thirty seconds, theTitan's form will be gone. And this is the main point of how to play Tainhai.

Tainhai Glyphs Build


  • Spirit x4
  • Wildness x2


  • Agility x4
  • Fury x2


  • Sanity x6


  • Wonder x2
  • Genius x4


  • Stat SoulJades Ranged
  • Resistance
  • Melee

Special SoulJade

  • Skyforce
  • Heal

Weapons of Tainhai

  1. S-Tier
    Longsword, Bloodripper, Katana
  2. A-Tier
    Spear, Dagger, Flamebringer, Greatsword, Bow, Swarm
  3. B-Tier
    Cannon, Repeating Crossbow
  4. C-Tier
  5. D-Tier


Of course, Tainhai is the main target for enemies because until he has turned into a titan, everyone considers it necessary to eliminate him as soon as possible. But Tainhai's defensive abilities are also excellent, and becoming a huge Martial Monk is not required to protect yourself! Therefore, he is the main target or not the main one, but he does an excellent job with his own survival.

The disadvantage of Tainhai is simple. Using the Call of the Titan in the village or next to the buildings is generally useless. Vajra simply will not enter the town. For players who prefer to hide behind walls and maneuver among buildings, Tainhai is not the best choice.

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