Choosing from 00 Nation and Liquid dumau chose Zeros

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Published  9 Jul, 14:37
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Brazilian professional CS:GO Eduardo "dumau" Wolkmer has revealed that when negotiations were underway to join the 00 Nation, he received an offer from Liquid. But in the end, he refused.

He have said this in an interview with Dust2 Brasil.

I got a offer, but I had to think, because I had two opportunities, it was either 00Nation or Liquid. I stopped for a while, thought, I decided to stay at Zero Zero because I already had the guys, latto and TACO, we already had teamplay, we feel the game the same way, we learned to play the same CS and then I decided to stay at Zero Zero. The language is also different and, at the moment, it's better to be with the guys. I also trust try and cold a lot too, they are very good, I trust the guys a lot.

As BLIX.GG earlier reported that 00 Nation signed dumau along with two his colleagues from GODSENT.