2024 BLAST Premier Spring Groups Predictions

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    The BLAST Premier Series is back again to be the first one after the holidays and to bring us another high-level event in Counter-Strike 2.

    There are 16 teams divided into four groups, and they will have to go all out to earn a spot in the Spring Finals and a share of the $190,000 USD prize pool.

    You can see the tournament bracket, prize pool, schedule and results in our 2024 BLAST Premier Spring Groups tournaments section

    Vitality vs Astralis - Group A Final Prediction (27.01.24)

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    Blast Premier Spring Groups Prize Pool

    Blast Premier Spring Groups 2024 - Group A Overview and Predictions

    Group A

    Team Vitality

    Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut was their biggest star and the key to long-term success. That’s why he was voted the best player in the world in 2023. But after some roster changes they made, they became one of the most stacked teams with individual high-skilled players out there on the scene. Every single player on their team can give us a show. Or even make it their show in the game. You can only count them out once the game is over!


    It is a team that has had many roster changes throughout its history but has yet to find much success. They may bring us a new game and results with the start of the new year and season. Their strength is that they have many young players who are new to the scene and can surprise us at any time.


    Name that everyone knows in the world of Counter-Strike 2. A team that dominated the scene for a long time and made everyone learn their style of play. But after they made the first changes in their roster, they found little success. Only Nicolai’ Device’ Reedtz can bring such experience to the team. But with the support of new young talents and already known for his high-fragging ability, Benjamin “blameF” Bremer, they can find their way back to the top.

    Team Falcons

    A new team with two upgrades. Mohammad’ BOROS’ Malbas, Emil’ Magisk’ Reif, and three former ENCE core players. BOROS is known for his high individual skill and clutching ability. Magisk played one of the leading roles in Astralis’ success story and is known for his entry-fragging ability and high overall fragging ability. It’ll be their team debut with their first major tournamen

    Group A Predictions

    Vitality should have an easy path to qualify for the BLAST Spring Finals. The only team that looks like they can give them a fight is the Falcons, but they’ll need a lot of luck and a good day on their end.

    After all the roster changes, Astralis and OG, judging by their results, have yet to find their way to play.

    So, being the top 1 ranked team in the world and the clear favorites in terms of players, experience, team play, and past results, such as winning 5 out of 5 last big tournaments Vitality participated in the previous year, we would say that Vitality is going to dominate and win this group.

    Group B Overview and Predictions

    Blast Premier Spring Groups - Group B


    It is one of the most intimidating teams to play today, along with Vitality. The team consists of very high-skilled individual players, and one of the most experienced in-game leaders, Fin ‘Karrigan’ Anderson, left on the scene.


    A team that consists of primarily young talents and is best known for their excellent run at the BLAST Major, where they fought their way to the grand finals and lost to Vitality. This team can give a good fight against anyone on a good day.


    After so many roster changes, the CIS team is again trying to build their way to the top. Unfortunately, they had to enter this tournament with two substitutes because Danil’ Donk’ Kryshkovets and Boris’ Magixx’ Vorobiev experienced visa issues. So they need more hope to win a tournament, but they will surely try their best!


    Lately, they got some roster changes and a good upgrade with Casper “cadiaN” Møller and Russel “Twistzz” Van Dulken. As of now, the roster looks different from the past. Engaging to see them play the first big tournament because players and a team like them can put up a big fight against anyone and maybe even surprise everyone!

    Group B Predictions

    FaZe is a clear favorite to win this group. Teams like Spirit and Liquid can give them a run for their money if they can find their form coming into this tournament. GamerLegion surprised us with an incredible performance in a major tournament, only losing to Vitality in the grand finals while playing BLAST Paris Major 2023.

    Since October 16 of last year, FaZe has only lost two matches, and both were against one of the most feared teams at the moment - Vitality. This group should be an easy path to the finals for FaZe. Pick FaZe to win this group.

    Group C Overview and Predictions

    Blast Premier Spring Groups
 - Group C


    A team with one of the most promising young talents like m0NESY and one of the best rifle players in the world like Nikola “NiKo” Kovač, playing alongside his brother Nemanja ‘huNter-’ Kovač. Since they replaced Justin “jKs” Savage with Nemanja “nexa” Isaković, many people have asked if it was a good move. It’s hard to tell, but this tournament is their chance to show that it was a good move for them.


    As much as they try to change players and roles, last year was tough for them. They still needed to find their way. This year may be different. We hope to see them rise to the top this year. In the end, their team name has been in the history of this game for a long time. Many may want to see NiP Magic again.


    Name that everyone knows about. When Oleksandr’ simple’ Kostyliev announced that he would take a break from playing, the people thought it might be rough for them. But when they started to show it, it looked like they could still put up a good fight against anyone. They had a good run at the BLAST Premier World Final, where they lost to one of the strongest teams, Vitality, playing in the semifinals.


    One more NA team that has to fight against all other regions alongside their home team, Liquid. They had a few good runs last year. They got close to winning a tournament a few times last year but couldn’t make it through the grand finals playing against FaZe. Maybe this year, they bring their fans a victory!

    Group C Predictions

    G2 is a favorite of this group, and the only team that looks like it can compete with them here is Na’Vi, but they’ve yet to find consistency with their upgraded roster.

    Complexity is the dark horse here. They are strong players and had good results last year, so this could be their chance to shine and get a win.

    NiP ended up in a tough group here, so it’s hard to see them winning.

    So, with Na’Vi still in question without their superstar player s1mple and Complexity being a dark horse but still finding their consistency, we think G2 will end up on top of this group. G2 to win their group.

    Group D Overview and Predictions

    Blast Premier Spring Groups - Group D


    It’s one of the best CIS-based teams with individual solid players and a problematic playstyle to play against. They’ve tried to make some roster changes since winning a major tournament in 2022. Still, after all their attempts, they came back with 4 of the same players and a perfect upgrade in the face of Nikolay “Mir” Bityukov - known for his insane high fragging ability, he is one of the best CIS players.


    Young talents playing alongside experienced German player Johannes “tabseN” Wodarz. It’s still a young team, but promising for this year. They did well last year and had something to show against every team they had to play, but they have yet to find that big tournament win, and maybe this year, they’ll get it.


    One more CIS-based team, and you can’t tell which one is the best of them. Five highly experienced players and experienced in-game leader Kirill “Boombl4” Mikhailov got his major trophy back while playing with Na’Vi. That team, for sure, can beat anyone on their good day, and everyone knows that you have to take them seriously.


    It takes a lot of work to say what to expect from them here. Since they’ve been one of the top 5 teams in the world, they’ve had three players move on, and that’s raised a lot of questions from fans about this team. They haven’t shown what they can do with a new roster, but this group will be tough for them.

    Group D Predictions

    Looking at the past results and consistency of two CIS-based teams here, we will see that team VP is a more consistent team. But they might have a hard time against Cloud9; if they have a good day, it’s tough to play against them.

    On the other hand, BIG - might be the dark horse of this group, and they can surprise one of these two teams.

    Heroic is one of the most questionable teams here since all the roster changes.

    It will surely be exciting to see the fight of two top CIS-based teams fighting in the Upper-Bracket Final. If consistency is the key, the VP should come on top of that and win their group here — VP to win this group.

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