Astralis vs Vitality and Complexity vs MOUZ - Semi-Finals Predictions - ESL Pro League 19

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    This Saturday, two Semi-Finals will be played at ESL Pro League 19. One is set to start at 15:15 CET; it is going to be Astralis face-off against Vitality, and the second one is set for 18:30 CET with Complexity to play against MOUZVitality, and especially ZywOo, is showing insane performance, and it’s exciting to watch their matches. MOUZ are young players trying to get into one more Grand Final. Here, you can find an overview of matches and our predictions based on our experience and other factors.

    Astralis vs. Vitality

    Astralis vs. Vitality - Semi-Final - ESL Pro League 19

    Last time these two teams met each other was at BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2024 and Vitality won with a 2-1 score. Now both teams at different levels compared to their past but Vitality results since then were still better than AstralisAstralis is improving day by day with their young players in the team and experience of ‘device’ but it might be just not enough against a team like Vitality.

    Current Team and Players Form


    They keep improving and getting better every game they play. It seems like all the players finally found how to fit in their in-game roles they play and it works out. Their win against team like FaZe proving this point. ‘device’ and his experience together with young blood in the roster having a good chemistry helps them a lot.


    It seems like losing Semi-Final against FaZe at PGL Major 2024 didn’t stop them from grinding and now they’re at another level, especially their star player ZywOo who completely demolished FaZe at the quarter-final game and he ended this game with a rating of 2.21 which is insane numbers.

    Last Heads-up Match Result and Players Statistics

    Astralis vs. Vitality - BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2024

    apEX was happy about his team performance against FaZe

    Match Prediction

    Astralis is doing well. There’s no doubt they can fight any team, but Vitality seems like a team that can stop them. ‘ZywOo’ and his out-of-this-world performance against FaZe are things that will make it hard for Astralis to stop in the game. We expect Vitality to win this game.

    Complexity vs. MOUZ

    Complexity vs. MOUZ - Semi-Final - ESL Pro League 19

    Complexity might be doing better than they ever did, but MOUZ is hot at this point as well. MOUZ made it to the IEM Chengdu 2024 Grand Final and lost to FaZe, but it’s what makes them hungry for another Grand Final and another chance to take a trophy. Complexity also doesn’t have any map pool advantage against a team like MOUZ, so it will be hard to surprise MOUZ with any map, but they will have to do it with their playstyle if they want to win. The match is going to be a lit one to watch since neither team has won any big tournament in a long time, and here they will fight with all they have. The last time these two teams met each other at the PGL MajorMOUZ demolished Complexity and won with a 2-0 score. Let's see if Complexity will be able to get their revenge here.

    Current Team and Players Form


    It seems like ‘EliGe’ finally found his form back and hes ready to make it hard for any team they play against. Other players doing a good job helping him and both ‘hallzerk’ and ‘Grim’ are also in a good shape right now. They’re yet to prove their consistency and one tournament doesn’t show that much but they’re getting there step by step.


    Since they got into the Grand Final of IEM Chengdu 2024 and only FaZe was able to stop them, they didn’t stop fighting for every single game they played at other tournaments, and now they’re here at the Semi-Final of another tournament and have a good chance to make their second Grand Final here. Players are in good shape, and the team overall has great chemistry. They have a great map pool with almost no weak sides, and it helps them win against most of the teams.

    Last Heads-up Match Result and Players Statistics

    MOUZ vs. Complexity - PGL Major Copenhagen 2024

    xertioN is happy with his team effort

    Match Prediction

    MOUZ seems like a better and much more consistent team while Complexity are yet to prove their ability to be consistent at this level. We expect MOUZ to win this match, making it their second Grand Final in a short period of time.

    Tomorrow, we will return with the Grand Final overview and prediction for the tournament winner, so stay tuned and don't miss Saturday matches. They're going to be fire!

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