The Best Cases to Open in CS2 2024 (Most Profitable)

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Cases in Counter-Strike 2 appeared more than ten years ago, and they are still popular among players today. The team examined the best cases for profit-making in 2024. So, if you need help figuring out where to start, check out our article on the most profitable cases. By the way, you can buy and sell cases on a skin trading platform, CS.MONEY.


  • The most profitable cases
  • CS2 cases worth investing in
  • Skins that you can get when opening cases

Kilowatt Case

Kilowatt Case

Price: ~$3.34

Release date: February 7, 2024

Best skins: Kukri Knife | Case Hardened, Zeus | Olympus

This newly added case is rated as the most lucrative among players. The skins from this case are rare and valuable due to their limited availability, resulting in high market prices.

The skins dropped from this case include the new Kukri knife in Slaughter, Crimson Web, Blue Steel, and Case Hardened variants. The case also has the recently added Zeus Olympus skin.

You can find a complete description of the skins from this case in our article.

Gamma 2 Case

Gamma 2 Case

Price: ~$2.37

Release date: August 18, 2016

Best skins: Lore Knives, Gamma Doppler Knives

One of the most budget-friendly cases is the Gamma 2 Case, which costs slightly over $2.

While the AK-47 | Neon Revolution skinned AK-47 is a great buy at around $70 for the FN version, the real value, in this case, is the outstanding knives on display. Most of Lore Knives' gold knives and the highly desirable Gamma Dopplers are represented here.

If you are lucky enough to get a knife with a rare pattern, you can sell it for hundreds of thousands, a good investment for $2, even though the chances of getting such a knife are minimal.

Spectrum 2 Case

Spectrum 2 Case

Price: ~$1.87

Release date: September 14, 2017

Best skins: AK-47 | The Empress, Butterfly Knife | Damascus Steel

The Spectrum 2 case doesn't have identical high scores as Gamma 2 but has a broader range of mid-value skins, making it more reliable to open.

Many decent options will allow you to make a profit, even if it's small because there are better options than relying on luck.

The AK-47 | The Empress skin is the best of all but the knives. In this case, seven skins will allow you to make a profit or break even.

Danger Zone Case

Danger Zone Case

Price: ~$0.74

Release date: December 6, 2018

Best skins: AK-47 | Asiimov, Talon Knife | Fade

For value for money, no other case can match Danger Zone, which has several skins that can pay back the 70 cents invested several times over.

The best of these is undoubtedly the AK-47 | Asiimov. All players prize this skin, and its price starts at $32.

You can also get the Talon Knife, the most valuable and beautiful of all, and a few more Fade variants.

Huntsman Weapon Case

Huntsman Weapon Case

Price: ~$8.85

Release date: May 1, 2014

Best skins: AK-47 | Vulcan, Huntsman Knives

The Huntsman Weapon Case is a win-win option that will cost you more money to open but with better results.

The AK-47 | Vulcan costs $1000 just for the FN version! Not every knife reaches that price.

Like the Spectrum 2, the Huntsman case features several skins that will meet or exceed the price of the case when sold, making it an overall safe purchase with huge benefits. Even if you get the cheapest skin from this case, you'll still pay off the following key to open another case.

Winter Offensive Weapon Case

Winter Offensive Weapon Case

Price: ~$5.43

Release date: December 18, 2013

Best skins: Karambit | Case Hardened, M9 Bayonet | Case Hardened

This case represents value for those who dream of getting one of the best knives. You'll find skins for the Slaughter and Fade knives and mythologized Case Hardened variants here.

The Karambit, in particular, is the most expensive knife as it has a beautiful design and pattern. You'll pay just under $2000 for the standard FN version, but the price will soar if you encounter a rare pattern.

In addition to knives, you can get skins for weapons such as the M4A4 | Asiimov and AWP | Redline.

Operation Hydra Case

Operation Hydra Case

Price: ~$17.48

Release date: May 23, 2017

Best skins: AWP | Oni Taiji, Sport Gloves

In the Operation Hydra case, you'll find a lot of great skins, ranging from the expensive Oni Taiji AWP to the immensely quotable Cobra Strike Dual Berettas.

However, the primary value of this briefcase is the various gloves - especially those in the "Sport Gloves" group.

These options typically cost at least $1,000 at their worst, and those like the Pandora's Box can go as high as $11,000. Of course, players can find gloves in the Gloves Case, but we see this case as more respectable due to the more significant number of excellent "regular" skins, as the likelihood of you getting a pair of gloves is very low.

CS:GO Weapon Case

CS:GO Weapon Case

Price: ~$83.28

Release date: August 14, 2013

Best skins: AK-47 | Case Hardened, AWP | Lightning Strike

The CS:GO Weapon Case is the first case released in CS:GO, but pay attention to it because it contains some decent skins.

The enormous prices of the skins are due to their rarity, as the age of the case means that there aren't many left, which means that all the skins included in it are much rarer.

At the top of the list is the AWP | Lightning Strike and AK-47 | Case Hardened, for which you'll get at least $400.


In this selection, we have presented cases we recommend investing in and opening them for profit. But if you want to try something different from this list, we advise you to look closely at the Fracture Case or Operation Wildfire Case.

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