Best CS2 Skins to Buy During The Market Crash

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    CS2 skin prices took a hit after the underwhelming release, and haven’t recovered ever since.

    The downward trend appears to be accelerating, with additional declines every other day, making it a perfect time to buy your favorite skins.

    With most liquid skins reaching a 50% dip over the last month, the future of skin prices is shrouded in mystery, leaving players wondering when will the prices rise again, or for how long will the dip last.

    However, the key question to focus on is which skins should you buy while the prices are down?

    This article answers that exact question, so stay tuned to learn more.

    M4A4 | Temukau (MW)

    The M4A4 Temukau caught the eyes of the community with its anime inspired design, and quickly became one of the most desired skins from The Revolution Case.

    As a covert item, the skin was logically expensive at $330 for a Minimal Wear on release. And by CS2’s launch it cost around $110 — before it took a hit and the price dropped 15% in the last month, costing only $60 and even cheaper for a Field-Tested.

    The skin is definitely a must have, considering the tempting price.

    Credit: Valve

    AK-47 | Head Shot (Minimal Wear)

    Another skin from the Revolution Case, the AK-47 | Head Shot was a fan favorite when it was initially introduced due its eye-catching pearlescent effect when inspecting.

    Similar to the M4A4 Temukau, the price peaked at around $320, but kept going down over the months.

    During the last 30 days, it declined by around 28% , costing only $32 for a Minimal Wear.

    Credit: Valve

    USP-S | Printstream (Field Tested)

    One of the most aesthetically pleasing and clean looking skins has always been expensive. However, with the current market crash, the USP-S Printstream is only $30 for a field-tested.

    Despite not having the same drastic dip as the other skins on this list with only 11%, it’s still the “must have” item out of them all.

    The other skins from the Printstream family also followed the same trend, so why not get them all if your budget is flexible?

    Credit: Valve

    AWP | Chromatic Aberration (Minimal Wear)

    The big green weapon no longer has to be ugly, you can get a bright colorful skin for only $12 in Minimal Wear after a 35% decrease over the last month. After being a mid-range skin for the longest, with current prices, it's definitely a good budget pickup.

    Credit: Valve

    Desert Eagle | Cobalt Disruption (Minimal Wear)

    There’s a sea of options when it comes to Desert Eagles. However, the Cobalt Disruption stands out as one of the best looking with a potential of sky-rocketting once the market stabilizes.

    The skin continues to dip with an average of 10% weekly and almost 30% in the last 30 days, making it a good purchase for only $45. The price difference between the different conditions isn’t significant, so if your budget is flexible then differently go for a Factory New.

    Credit: Valve


    There’s no better time to get your hands on some clean shiny knives than right now — with some of them declining by over 50%. Including the Talon Knife Vanilla, Shadow daggers and more.

    With so many options to pick from, you may have a preference when it comes to the knife type, but since this article is based on the best drops, here are the best knives for different budgets:

    Up to $150:

    Back when we had CS:GO, the Shadow Daggers were heavily underappreciated due to the shaky crosshair bug. However, with CS2, the bug is fixed making them worth buying again.

    That’s why we picked one of the best finishes for it; The Marble Fade.

    Credit: Valve

    Up to $250:

    The more your budget expands, the more choices you’d have. Though you can get a higher tier knife with an unattractive finish like the Safari Mesh, it’s not an optimal choice when you have the Survival Knife Slaughter within the budget.

    The Slaughter knives look stunning in CS2 with the reflective lighting. And for that, it’s a pick you can’t go wrong with.

    Credit: Valve

    Since up to $250 is a decent budget, we have some honorable mentions and alternatives you might consider like the Huntsman Lore (MW) and Flip Knife Autotronic (FT).

    Up to $400:

    With this kind of budget, you have a broad spectrum of choices including the Doppler finishes.

    On top of the list comes the Stiletto Knife Marble Fade or Tiger Tooth.

    Though the Stiletto Knife sky-rocketted in price about a year ago, they’re now able to grab for a good price.

    Credit: Valve

    If you’re more keen on getting a more poppy knife, then The Ursus Knife comes next with its formidable Doppler finishes. For $400, you can get about most phases depending on your preference.

    Credit: Valve

    For a higher tier knife, you can settle for a Karambit Urban Masked (MW) or an M9 Bayonet Freehand (FT) if you care more about the pulling animation.

    Finally but not least on the list, we close out the list with the classic Bayonet Autotronic (FT), a knife which doesn’t wear off like other finishes but rather gets a higher contrast.

    Credit: Valve

    Choose wisely, spend responsibly and grind looking shiny.

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