ESL Pro League 19: Tuesday Matches Overview, Group C and Group D

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    Group C and Group D start this Tuesday. There will be six matches played on the first day, and we will have to see if these two groups can show us a better game than it was for Group A and Group B. In Group C and Group D, we have ten European teams, two Australian teams, three teams representing North America, and 1 for South America.

    Group C Teams

    • MOUZ
    • Bad News Kangaroos
    • GamerLegion
    • ENCE
    • FURIA Esports
    • Team Liquid
    • FORZE Esports
    • Monte

    Group D Teams

    • Complexity
    • PERA
    • HEROIC
    • Ninjas in Pyjamas
    • BIG
    • BOSS
    • FlyQuest
    • Natus Vincere


    • ENCE vs. GamerLegion, MOUZ vs. Bad News Kangaroos starting at 12:30 CET
    • Complexity vs. PERA, Ninjas in Pyjamas vs. HEROIC starting at 15:30 CET
    • FURIA vs. Liquid, FORZE vs. Monte at 18:30 CET

    Matches Overview

    ENCE vs. GamerLegion

    ENCE vs. GamerLegion - ESL Pro League 19

    These two teams met a few months ago at the biggest tournament, PGL Major, and last time, ENCE came on top and won with a 16-14 score. The last one had such a close score, making it even harder to guess who would win this time. We will have to see if ENCE can repeat the success of the last heads-up match against GamerLegion or if GamerLegion will take this match as their chance to get revenge here.

    MOUZ vs. Bad News Kangaroos

    MOUZ vs. Bad News Kangaroos - ESL Pro League 19

    MOUZ was in good shape since PGL Major, and in the last big tournament, IEM Chengdu 2024, they showed an even better level by making it to the Grand Final even though they lost it to FaZe with a 0-2 scoreFaZe is a different animal in playoff stages, so it shouldn't be something that stops young players of MOUZ grinding their way to win one of the Grand Finals finally. Bad News Kangaroos is an Australian team, and it is going to be their first time against a top European team, so let's see if they can surprise MOUZ with their playstyle or something else. One time sounds possible, but it is harder to do twice in a row, and they need to win a best-of-three series.

    Complexity vs. PERA

    Complexity vs. PERA - ESL Pro League 19

    NA team Complexity lacked consistency for a long time, and it always seems like they are missing something in the game. Let's hope they start getting it here at the ESL Pro League 19. PERA is a European mix, and looking at them, it's hard to expect something big from them, but the first two groups at ESL Pro League 19 had some surprises with underdog wins, and taking this factor together with Complexity inconsistency, maybe this match might become one of the underdog surprises for these two groups, we will see.

    Ninjas in Pyjamas vs. HEROIC

    Ninjas in Pyjamas vs. HEROIC - ESL Pro League 19

    Two known european names to face each other in an opening match of Group DNinjas in Pyjamas will play with a standin 'xKacpersky' whos taking a place of 'REZ', we will see what this young player from Poland is capable of. HEROIC didn't change any of the players even though they didn't achieve that much of a success at PGL Major, they decided to keep grinding with this roster and we are yet to see if it pays off for them.

    FURIA vs. Liquid

    FURIA vs. Liquid - ESL Pro League 19

    And here we are to witness a clash between a team representing South America, FURIA, and a team representing North America, Liquid. These two have already met before, and it was a match at PGL MajorFURIA won back then with a 13-10 score. We will see if FURIA can repeat its success or if Liquid will learn from the past and surprise them this time.

    FORZE vs. Monte

    FORZE vs. Monte - ESL Pro League 19

    CIS-based team FORZE with a British player, 'smooya', what an exciting mix here, and everyone is wondering if smooya will learn Russian to speak with his team or if he will make 4 of the players learn English. It is going to be interesting to see what such a team is capable of.

    After all the roster changes Monte have made, they're still under the question if they can reach even their past success. This match might be interesting to watch because both teams are yet to show what they're capable of and ESL Pro League 19 is a good chance to do so.

    We will return tomorrow with the overview of the other day's matches, so stay tuned, and don't miss the Tuesday matches—they will be fire!

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