PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 Playoff Stage: Overview, Schedule, Brackets and Predictions

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    It's been an exciting Opening and Elimination Stage with 24 teams from around the world representing North America, South America, Asia, and Europe. Good or bad, but this time, the Playoff Stage consists of only European teams, which shows us that the European Counter-Strike level is the best for now.

    We finally got our eight teams determined through the most brutal Opening and Elimination Stages to compete in the Playoff Stage. These eight teams will have to compete for the champion title of the biggest tournament in Counter-Strike 2 and the prize pool of $1,250,000.00. The first matches are already going to be played this Thursday.

    Playoff Stage Participants

    • Team Spirit
    • FaZe Clan
    • Team Vitality
    • Cloud9
    • Eternal Fire
    • Natus Vincere
    • MOUZ
    • G2

    Schedule and Brackets

    PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 - Playoff Stage - Brackets

    March 28:

    • Quarter-final #1 and #2:

    Cloud9 vs. Vitality starting at 17:00 CET

    Spirit vs. FaZe starting at 20:00 CET

    March 29:

    • Quarter-final #3 and #4:

    Eternal Fire vs. Natus Vincere at 17:00 CET

    MOUZ vs. G2 at 20:00 CET

    March 30:

    • Semi-final #1 and #2:

    TBD vs. TBD at 17:00 CET

    TBD vs. TBD at 20:00 CET

    March 31:

    • Grand Final:

    TBD vs. TBD at 19:00 CET

    Teams Overview

    Team Spirit

    They came prepared at this tournament, might be in the best shape possible, and they've been called a favorite to win this tournament from the start. Match by match, they proved everyone's point about why they were the best team. They have yet to lose a single game, and it has been hard to find any weak spot in their game. With that being said, they remain the main favorite to win the whole tournament and officially become the best team in the world at this moment.

    FaZe Clan

    The team is in the top 1 ranked at the moment, with the HLTV team rating one place right above Team Spirit. Even though their rating is higher, it's just their past results. For now, this team is looking shaky and trying to find consistency. If you look at their game, you can't tell if it's some individual problem or a team problem. It's looking like everything needs some little fixes here and there. But it didn't stop them from getting to the Playoff Stage. They're a very experienced team in big games, and usually, when they come to play on a big stage, they're entirely different from what everyone would expect after some bad results, so no one should count them off until it's over when it's a big stage game.

    Team Vitality

    Top 3 ranked team by HLTV rating and the winner of the last major, BLAST Paris Major 2023. Now, they're here to protect their title and take a chance on winning two of the biggest tournaments in a row. This part is questionable since their results in the Elimination Stage could have been better, and they had a good reason for that: their star player 'ZywOo' was sick and feeling bad and couldn't play to his full potential. It's still being determined if he will be good at the Playoff Stage, but if they want to become champions again, they will need 'ZywOo' to be back with his domination performance, which he usually pulls off.


    That's a team that many were questioning. First of all, when they completed this new team roster with such experienced players, it looked like a star team, but after they started playing, something was missing, and you would think they needed time. With time, they didn't get much better. Then, the real test came their way, and it was PGL Major Copenhagen qualifications, where they showed their best performance and destroyed Team Vitality in a best-of-three series. Their main problem was that they had no main sniper, but they seem to prove everyone wrong so far and show that you can still do well without this role, just letting some of your players use AWP when you need it.

    Eternal Fire

    The Turkish squad is highly motivated and shows better results daily and game-to-game. They thoroughly deserved their success since they've been playing for a long time with no roster changes, just grinding their way to the top. They're the dark horse here who might keep surprising everyone, and for sure, they can give a fight to anyone.

    Natus Vincere

    Everyone knows this name, and it's written in the history of Counter-Strike. After losing one of the best players in history, 's1mple', their future was under question. But game by game, they did prove everyone wrong and showed that they're still capable of being at the top, and now they're here fighting for the biggest tournament this year. They're in good shape right now, and if they find consistency, they might beat anyone and get this trophy.


    One more team with a history. This team name is also part of the history of Counter-Strike. After losing their best roster and players, they brought young players from their academy team to the main roster and did a great job improving from game to game. Now we have what was just an academy team at the Playoff Stage here, and they will give their all to show themselves on the biggest stage they ever played.


    If you ask anyone about G2, they will probably say 'NiKo' or 'm0NESY' since those two are the main reasons this team is at the top and fighting for the biggest prizes. 'NiKo' brings his experience and insane individual skill and young prodigy 'm0NESY' who can turn any game around and win it solo-handedly. This team is far from what could be called a consistent team. They're losing and winning here and there, and sometimes, you can't guess what to expect from them. To win this tournament, they will need to find that consistency, at least for this short time, to play to their full potential, and for sure, it couldn't be done without 'NiKo' and 'm0NESY' bringing their A-Game here.

    Now you know more about the eight teams you will see trying their best to take this trophy.


    We will analyze all the information and many different factors together with our experience and make predictions for every match of the Playoff Stage. All the predictions will be posted on our prediction page one day before matches:

    The Playoff Stage will be held from March 28 to March 31, with the best-of-three Grand Final on March 31 at 19:00 CET. Who will become the best team in the world? We will figure it out very soon. Take your guess, and don't miss it; it will be lit to watch the greatest teams on the big stage showing their best!

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