What should my loadout be in CS2?

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    Counter-Strike 2 is feature rich compared to the previous versions of the franchise. Though CS:GO will forever live in our hearts, its successor was a much needed upgrade as it brought quality features, adding more depth to the game.

    On top of having a new practical buy menu, the new loadouts system requires you to select only 15 weapons out of the 34 to load and play with.

    The features might seem to limit players’ options at first glance, but it actually makes the game more customizable, in addition to getting rid of the lesser used weapons like the M249 for an optimal buy menu.

    The weapons loadouts also gives Valve more room to introduce new weapons without breaking the game. According to the devs, shipping weapons should be even more straightforward.

    Over the ten years of CS:GO we learned some occasionally painful lessons about how to gracefully introduce a new weapon to the game. We think we have a handle on how to approach this in the future, and with the customizable loadouts in CS2, shipping weapons should be even more straightforward. - Valve to pcgamer.com

    With that being said, which weapons should you use and what’s the best CS2 loadout?

    Best Pistols

    CT side pistol loadout:

    The new buy menu offers the same amount of pistols as CS:GO, with only four to pick from, aside from the USP-S/P2000.

    For the default pistol, the P2000 is a better option due to the larger ammo capacity. However, you’ll have to give up on the crisp satisfying headshots of the USP-S, so if running out of bullets isn’t a problem for you, then the silencer comes in handy.

    Credit: Valve

    The Desert-Eagle and P250 are a must have for low and eco buys, they’re relatively cheap but capable of dealing great damage.

    Even before CS2, players were often using the Dual-Berettas as a spam pistol, in addition to the Five-SeveN instead of the CZ-75 due to having a larger magazine and dealing significant damage even at mid/long range.

    T side pistol loadout:

    Opposite to the CTs, the Glock-18 is the only option for the default pistol. However, the Tec-9 is an extremely powerful pistol due to the first bullet and moving accuracy, so it should definitely be on your loadout.

    Credit: Valve

    Your T side pistol loadout should be: Glock 18, P250, Desert Eagle, Tec-9 and Dual-Berettas.

    Best Mid-tier weapons

    CT side mid tier weapons:

    When it comes to mid-tier weapons, there are a few staples like the MP9 which are essential for their low cost and great potential during different round scenarios. It’s fast fire rate and easy recoil allows you to spam, run & gun so be sure to equip it.

    Though we’re over the shotgun meta, having them in your loadout could come in handy on different maps. The XM1014 is the best shotgun available in the game due to its faster fire rate compared to the Nova and MAG-7. However, it comes a bit pricey at $2000.

    The P90, an endless bullet hose bested only by rifles. Great for fast plays to surprise your opponent, though it's expensive, it's a game classic.

    There aren’t many options left when it comes to mid-tier weapons. You add the MP5-SD for its silencer to hide the bullet tracers, but make sure to stay away from Negev and M249.

    Credit: Valve

    T side mid tier weapons:

    The Mac-10 reigns supreme above any other SMG for the T side. Similar to the MP9, it’s fast, perfect force buys and quick rushes.

    For the rest of the T side mid-tier weapons, you can use the same as the CT side, but with only one shotgun since it's not needed much for the attackers.

    Your T side mid-tier loadout should be: Mac-10, P90, XM1014, MP5-SD and MP7 or UMP-45.

    Credit: Valve

    Best rifle weapons

    CT side rifles:

    There are two types of players when it comes to rifles, the AWP abusers and the rest. But in both cases you should always have the AWP in your loadout, even if you don’t play with it, your teammate might need it.

    Credit: Valve

    Since we can finally equip both of the M4A4 and M4A1-S, it’s a good combo to start with and play based on your economy.

    With only two choices left, you can either go for the FAMAS and AUG or SSG 08. Again, it depends on the type of playstyle you prefer.

    T side rifles:

    There are only six rifles for the T side, and since the G3SG1 is a waste of space, you’re left with the AK-47, Galil-AR, SG553, Scout and AWP.

    Credit: Valve

    Keep in mind that one loadout can’t fit all players, so be sure to play around with it to find what suits you best. And like always, pick wisely and happy fragging.

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