CS:GO Facts You Didn't Know About

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    Despite being over a decade old, CS:GO continues to break records for active players on what seems like a weekly basis. The hype surrounding Source 2 has undoubtedly contributed to the game's latest trend in popularity, but it's also adding a new chapter to the game's already rich history, which is full of unforgettable moments that have shaped the game we love today.

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    As we stand at the threshold of a new era in the game, which we hope will make it better than ever before, we've decided to share some interesting facts about the game you may have missed or simply didn't know about.

    The weapon in the CS:GO logo is not actually in the game

    It may have gone unnoticed by many, but the gun featured in the CS:GO logo is the "SCAR-L," a weapon that is not available in the game. Previous versions of the game, such as Condition Zero and Source, included the UMP-45, which is a playable weapon in CS:GO. It's still a mystery as to why the developers chose to feature the SCAR-L in the logo, especially since their latest trademark application shows no changes to the weapon. While it's unlikely the SCAR-L will ever be added to the game, the curiosity surrounding its inclusion in the logo is certainly intriguing. Who knows? Maybe it's a hint at a new weapon that will be released in the future.

    Ability to vote for a rematch

    Have you ever had such an enjoyable and intense match that you wished you could play against the same team again? Well, in the early days of CS:GO, you could vote for a rematch. However, for the vote to pass, it had to be unanimous, and all players had to agree to play another match. While some players considered this feature useless and rarely played rematches, others had great experiences competing against the same team again for a different outcome. Regardless of the mixed opinions, it was an intriguing addition that many players wish could return. Sadly, given the way Valve operates, it seems unlikely to return anytime soon.

    Everyone has a Silencer?

    In theory, if you remove the silencer off the UPS-S or M4A1-S and drop it, other players won’t be able to put it back because why would they have a spare silencer? But in the CS:GO world, the other players can in fact put the silencer back, even the Terrorists, which is odd but sort of makes sense when playing.

    Regardless of it being far from reality, it certainly didn’t bother players as it’s barely noticeable. In conclusion, all CS:GO players carry around an extra silencer, regardless of whether they buy a silenced weapon or not.

    NIP had their own McDonald's burger in Sweden

    In 2013, McDonald's launched a campaign to promote their Fall menu. One lucky esports fan who participated in the contest got the chance to name a burger after their favorite team. The winner, a fan of Ninjas In Pyjamas, called the burger "McNiP". The burger became a sensation in Sweden and even caught the attention of the NiP players, who visited a McDonald's to try it. This happened during the peak of the Swedish lineup's dominance in Counter-Strike, where they had an unbeaten streak of over eight months.

    Players used to be able to delete their skins

    If you right-click on a case from your inventory, you'll see a "Delete Item" option. However, this option used to be available for all skins, not just cases.

    You might be wondering why anyone would want to delete their valuable skins, but the truth is that many players were accidentally clicking on the option and losing their items. This led to numerous support requests to Steam in the hopes of restoring deleted items which led to Valve removing the option entirely.

    Japanese Counter-Strike

    Counter-Strike NEO was a Japanese arcade adaptation of Counter-Strike released in 2003.

    The gameplay in this particular title does not revolve around traditional Terrorist versus Counter-Terrorist scenarios. Instead, the two sides were renamed CSF (Cosmopolitan Special Forces) and NEO.

    To ensure fair and balanced gameplay, the game incorporated a matchmaking system and used an ELO-derived rating system to keep players and teams on an even footing. To appeal to the Japanese market, the game featured an anime-inspired theme, adding a unique and eye-catching visual style to the game.

    You can read more about CS NEO on their website.

    M249: the only weapon in the game to not have a Classified or Covert skin

    It's no secret that the M249 is one of the least popular weapons in CS:GO. With no classified or covert skins available for it, the gun remains the most expensive weapon in the game without any actual value to it.

    Most purchases of the M249 are made by players in the Silver ranks or by those who simply want to add some variety to their gameplay, or even to troll their opponents. Despite its lack of popularity, it's actually better for the M249 to not have any classified or covert skins available, as it would take the place of a more popular weapon.

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