CS:GO Pick'em 2023: All You need to know

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    Majors are the most anticipated and prestigious events in CS:GO, where players turn into warriors as they battle relentlessly to emerge victorious with thousands of fans watching from the arena’s cavea and cheering as loud as a lion’s roar to become a part of the game’s history, that's why having a major title is a dream and honor for every player.

    As the teams battle, fans get to feel the thrill and excitement of the highest level of competition by cheering for their favorite teams and participating in different discussions about the event especially in what distinct’s majors from other events; CS:GO PickEm challenges.

    Pick’Ems have always gathered the community together as they try to predict which teams will prevail and fail during the major to ultimately be honored with a diamond badge on their steam profile and in-game rewards, showcasing their deep knowledge of the game’s esport and amazing predicting skills or simply their incredible luck.

    Since you’re here for the pick’em, this is everything you need to know about it.

    General explanation on how CS:GO Pick'em works

    The rules are simple, complete challenges and win points.

    Before IEM Katowice 2019, players were required to own the stickers of each team they wish to pick in the challenges, and they were rewarded with points for every correct prediction.

    Points are gathered throughout the different stages of the event starting from a single point for each correct pick in the challenger stage, then three points in the group stage. For the champions stage, 12 points would be given for each correct quarterfinal pick, 10 points for each semifinal pick and seven points for picking the winner of the grand final.

    • 25 Points for Bronze coin
    • 50 Points for Silver coin
    • 75 Points for Gold coin

    However, since IEM Katowice 2019 Valve introduced a new system where players are required to purchase a Viewer Pass to participate in the pick’em in order to complete the challenges (placing predictions) and upgrade the coin as the tournament progresses.

    • 1–2 Challenges: Bronze coin
    • 3–5 Challenges: Silver coin
    • 6–8 Challenges: Gold coin

    All 9 challenges: Diamond coin

    BLAST.tv Paris Major Pick'Em

    Skin.Club Pick’Em

    The pleasure and happiness of getting a correct pick can only be topped by winning a skin from it, that’s why Skin.Club’s Major Pick’em is the prime destination to predict and get the chance to participate in their 350 skins giveaway including Flip Knife | Slaughter, Huntsman Knife | Doppler and many other play skins.

    Make your prediction, earn points, win prizes from their giveaways and flex your badge.

    Skin.Club Pick'Em

    The giveaway is split into three different categories; Silver, Gold and Diamond. 10 points are required to participate in the silver giveaway, 22 for the gold and 32 for the diamond.

    Each correct pick will grant you two points and the badge will be upgraded as you unlock the categories above.

    Currently, the challengers stage is open to predict until the 7th of May, so be sure to analyze and think carefully before locking the predictions.

    Skin.Club Pick'Em Prizes

    Official CS:GO Pick’Em

    After purchasing and activating the Major Viewer Pass, a total of nine challenges (placing predictions) are required to be complete within their set deadlines.

    • Activate your coin before the tournament is over.
    • Place all nine Pick'Em predictions for the Challengers Stage before it begins.
    • Get five correct Pick'Em predictions for the Challengers Stage.
    • Place all nine Pick'Em predictions for the Legends Stage before it begins.
    • Get five correct Pick'Em predictions for the Legends Stage.
    • Place all seven Pick'Em predictions for the Champions Stage before it begins.
    • Place two correct Pick'Em predictions for the quarterfinals.
    • Place one correct Pick'Em prediction for the semifinals.

    Make a correct Pick'Em prediction for the grand finals.

    CS:GO Pick'Em Rio Major

    The Pick'Em Challenge is certainly not as hard as Cadian’s legendary clutch in ESL Pro League, but accurately predicting the teams that will go all the way isn’t an easy task either.

    It requires a thorough understanding of the competitive scene including the latest performances and results, and a decision based on both data and intuition.

    In the first two stages (challengers & legends), players must select one team each for the '3-0' and '0-3' scorelines, the first being the undefeated and the latter being the team that might get eliminated without winning a single match in addition to three more from the remaining teams.

    The challenge becomes even more complicated in the third and final stage, where players are required to complete the entire bracket, including the semifinals and grand final. Making precise predictions is crucial here since one incorrect initial pick could disrupt the entire bracket. Therefore, players need to make their predictions with utmost care and accuracy by doing in-depth analysis and even a bit of luck to make accurate predictions and secure the diamond coin.

    BLAST.tv Pick’em

    When BLAST launched their viewing platform, they added a pick’em feature where fans can place their predictions and unlock exclusive emojis and up to a $50 USD Steam gift card.

    BLAST Premier Fall groups was the first time fans got to try the new feature, and it’s expected to have better prizes and surprises for the Major.

    BLAST's Fall Groups Pick'Em

    Bonus: Fantasy Game

    Except for teams predictions, you can also share the fun with thousands of the esports fanatics by playing the HLTV Fantasy and pick your favorite players to make your own team.

    HLTV Fantasy Game

    Pick five participating players within a $1M USD budget and get the chance to win amazing skins by having the most points at the end of the event.

    The points are collected based on each player’s performance after matches, roles and boosters can also be assigned individually such as leader, headshot machine, camper, multi fragger and more in order to obtain extra points if the assigned player fulfills the given role.

    You can join the pre-existing partnered leagues or simply create your own league to play against friends. And since this is a major, there will be several drafting phases according to the stages played in case any player didn’t make it to the next stage.

    The pick’em challenge has certainly become a fan favorite activity as it brings thrill, joy and even a bit of anxiety. A major hype can never be completed without the challenge since it has grown on players over the years. Now that you know everything about pick’ems, The only thing left to do is to get ready and predict as we’re on the door step of the last CS:GO major event in Paris.

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