dexter on playing FaZe: "Easily the most intense match I’ve ever played in my life"

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    Following MOUZ’s qualification for the Paris Major, BLIX sat down with MOUZ's IGL Christopher "dexter" Nong to discuss Dorian "xertioN" Berman, the team’s results after the Rio Major, and how it is to live in Europe whilst having his family in Australia, among other topics.

    Qualifying for Paris

    Hugo "TheSwedishJoker" Nilsson Meier, BLIX: You guys did amazingly last Major considering the little experience you had back then, do you think we can look forward to seeing an equally strong MOUZ this time as well?

    Christopher "dexter" Nong: I’ll say yes, specifically about the last two games we just played, it changed us probably. We got a lot of confidence and understanding of how we want to play the game, on LAN especially. In practice we’re amazing, but on LAN it’s where it’s really different in these high-pressure situations. We definitely stepped it up and hopefully, we can take this experience further.

    BLIX: This final match was a real nail-biter, especially the last map. Can you talk me through the whole series? What was it like knowing you would go up against FaZe in the deciding match to clinch the last spot at the Major?

    dexter: It’s been a crazy experience, easily the most intense match I’ve ever played in my life, the level of play from everyone was crazy. I forgot the question! *laughs*

    BLIX: Well, everyone was going mad on Twitter and in the Press Room. Do you think xertioN pulled out his life-game card or do you think we can actually see him show this level more consistently going forward?

    dexter: He can always play at this level, he’s always playing at this level, all the time. So right now we’re in a good spot mentally, everyone was communicating perfectly, slowing, dying for each other, and it gave him the space to do what he wanted to do. Yeah, he punished them a lot doing it, and [we] couldn’t beat nothing with that.

    BLIX: What do you think has changed this time, compared to your Major run in Rio?

    dexter: This time around nothing much, we’re just very professional with everything we do, being very healthy, talking to each other a lot, being good friends and just enjoying life. There’s no stress or anything like that, we’re a tight group of people. We can laugh, cry, whatever with each other and everything’s ok.

    Post-Rio Major Results

    BLIX: After the Rio Major your results were kind of mixed. What do you think is the reason behind that?

    dexter: We just expected too much, because obviously you go off the last tournament and you’re top-four at the Major. Then you play again at Katowice, and you want to do your best. When you expect so much, you can get tilted if you don’t do good, and when those moments happen you get angry at yourself or at your teammates. That’s where we kind of fell off in Katowice, and then into the next couple of tournaments after that, we were honest with that. We talked to each other and said “We were just expecting too much, now we need to be happy and be happy for others who are doing good versus us” and then go from there.

    BLIX: You have your family back in Australia, how does that work? Do you keep in touch with them often, even if it’s a bit hard with the time zones and everything?

    dexter: I don’t really talk to them too much unfortunately, it was my dad’s birthday this weekend and I didn’t even get an opportunity to really say “happy birthday” to him yet, so hopefully I get the chance! But yeah, I’m always looking for opportunities to do the most for them and see them whenever I can. I’ll probably catch up with them in Japan or something like that!

    BLIX: Touching on Katowice and the other tournaments a little bit again, do you think you’ve learned the lesson now coming out of the Major and we can see you guys continuing on this path?

    dexter: Yeah, of course! We’re in a good headspace right now and we’re happy for everyone, so yeah!

    dexter on CS2

    BLIX: Valve recently released CS in closed beta, have you been able to play it?

    dexter: Yeah I’ve played it, it’s whatever for me.

    BLIX: You don’t care too much about it?

    dexter: Not until the maps are released and people actually practice in it. It’s good for the community, but I’m just focused on what I have to do right now.

    BLIX: The last ever CS:GO Major is coming up, and probably some more tournaments before it gets released. What will you guys do? Will you play it a little bit so as not to fall behind?

    dexter: Yeah probably in the summer break we’ll play it, nothing much. Nothing crazy, just enjoy it and keep going!

    BLIX: Do you feel a little bit extra pressure knowing that this is the last CS:GO Major, as you've been around for quite some time and as you were so close the last time around?

    dexter: No, no pressure!

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