Dota 2 DPC Tour 2 Division I Week 2 Overview - North America and South America

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These were the most intriguing matches from North America and South America.

Many people consider the 2023 DPC Tour 2 in North America to be the least interesting because of the dominance over the region by a couple of teams. This is partly true, but since the region only has two slots for the Berlin Major, sides like Nouns, Shopify Rebellion and TSM are fighting tooth and nail with each other to finish in the top two.

As for South America, there’s no arguing this is one of the regions everyone is interested in. The teams from this region have made a massive improvement in the last couple of years, which makes every series a lot more interesting to watch.

With that said, let’s dive in. And remember, if this article doesn't satisfy your Dota 2 fix, we have much more content to feast your eyes on at BLIX.GG.

North America

Even though the epic battle between TSM and Shopify Rebellion is over, Week 2 of the North American DPC 2023 Tour 2 had a few matches worth checking out. Here are some of them…

TSM defeated B8

One of the intriguing matches in North America that people had access to was the battle between TSM and B8. Timado and the rest were looking like the big favorites after defeating SR, so most people weren’t surprised that the squad had no problems against B8 either. Sadly, this loss put the majority-Ukrainian squad in an awkward position as they now need to fight for their survival.

Speaking of losses, TSM had absolutely no problems in both games and ripped through their competitors. B8 tried to be innovative in an attempt to surprise their counterparts, but things didn’t work well. In the end, TSM won both matches in around 30 minutes and continued their undefeated streak.

Wildcard Gaming toppled by Nouns

Everyone knows that Nouns are one of the best teams in North America and the third main contender for the two Major slots. Although the team failed to qualify for The Lima Major a few weeks ago, they have every chance in the world to do that now.

In their first clash of the week, Moo and his men had absolutely no problems against Wildcard Gaming. Although the latter has pretty big players in its roster, it seems like it has problems and can’t show everything it’s capable of at the moment.

As expected, Nouns didn’t have any problems in both games. With that said, the second was a bit challenging for the North American powerhouse as they had to play against Magnus and Morphling. Even though these picks looked very scary, Nouns knew what to do and prevented YawaR from carrying his teammates, coming out on top in the end.

Nouns defeated Team DogChamp

After dealing with Wildcard Gaming, the last challenge of the week for the Nouns roster was Team DogChamp. This was an important series for Moo's side as the squad has to go up against TSM and Shopify Rebellion during week three.

Interestingly, Nouns used IO in both games, whereas Team DogChamp focused on getting Invoker in both matches. The team also got Faceless Void for the second game and tried using the popular combo, but even this wasn’t enough.

DogChamp had their chances in the first match, but the team’s lack of experience didn’t allow them to win. After the initial loss, Nouns looked more motivated than ever to close the series and ripped through their opponents in the second one.

South America

South America, as one of Dota 2’s most intriguing regions, always offers us some amazing games. Week 2 of Tour 2 of the 2023 DPC wasn’t an exception. So, let’s go over some of the matches that you might have missed out on.

Thunder Awaken stumble against Evil Geniuses

As we all know, EG is the latest powerhouse to join the South American Dota 2 scene. The squad had no problems qualifying for The Lima Major and performed pretty well. Unsurprisingly, this made them the favorite in the clash against TA.

What surprised us the most was that Thunder Awaken didn’t even come close to winning the match. Once one of the best in the region, it seems like the squad will need to make roster changes to compete with the best.

Speaking of competing, TA were competitive in the first game, but EG’s surprising Weaver draft proved to be too strong. With the momentum on their side, Evil Geniuses used it and stomped their opponents in the second match. Despite getting Alchemist, TA were not able to out-farm their counterparts and lost the bout.

EG came out on top over Infamous

After winning the important series against Thunder Awaken, Evil Geniuses won yet another crucial series. This time, the team dealt with Infamous, which is among the squads that can upset even the best in the region.

EG didn’t have any problems in the first and third games of the series after winning both fairly easily. However, the second map wasn't a walk in the park because INF had the better draft and won it. This gave the squad the needed motivation for the third game, but it wasn’t enough to bring down the South American powerhouse.

In the third game, EG gave Infamous no chances. Undying crushed INF’s Terroblade in the safe lane, while EG’s Morphling had a fantastic start. As expected, Pakazs and Co used their advantage and won in 26 minutes.

The Dota 2 DPC Tour 2 Division I Week 2 is over, which means we have one more week of action. Make sure to follow us as we cover all the action and check out our other Dota 2 articles.

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