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    Dota 2 hasn’t been the same since the arrival of patch 7.33. Players have been trying to find the successful formula that would allow them to reach their desired rank for several weeks now. In the meantime, Valve gave us access to 7.33c, and thanks to some of the early takeaways, many players knew what to expect and how to make the most of it.

    With that said, some Dota 2 fans aren’t sure what to do to reach their desired rank. Therefore, this Dota 2 7.33c MMR guide will help them by providing priceless tips they can implement. So, let’s learn more about what Dota 2 players can do if they want to reach Immortal as fast as possible. Remember that some things you are about to see are general and can be used while playing on Dota 2 different patches.

    You must maximize your farming in 7.33c

    All core Dota 2 players try to get as much farm as possible to be more effective in the mid-game. This Dota 2 7.33c MMR guide shows that it’s even more important to do that in the current patch. Since the 7.33c update allowed people to receive EXP for stacking, we can see that even low-MMR supports have started doing it. In other words, you must take advantage of it and secure as much farm as possible.

    The fact that you need to focus on securing last hits doesn’t mean you should be “afk farming” all the game. On the contrary, every top-tier Dota 2 player always keeps an eye on the minimap and everything around him. So, if you notice a favorable engagement, you can always participate and get EXP/gold.

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    The crucial word here is “favorable” because it’s not advisable to take part in early skirmishes that won’t lead to anything. In other words, there is no point in exchanging hits with the enemy’s offlaner/midder if you don’t have a way to bring him down.

    Overextending is not your friend

    The next important thing we want to discuss in this Dota 2 7.33c MMR guide is related to overextending. People who want to rank up and reach their desired MMR should be careful not to overextend. Unfortunately, this is a common mistake across all MMR brackets, especially when playing specific heroes.

    The term overextending is used when a given player does something extra than he should have done. Usually, Dota 2 players use it when they address someone who is playing too aggressively and dives too much.

    As mentioned, some heroes are more prone to overextend than others. Undying is an excellent example because he’s popular in the 7.33c Meta. In fact, many people will probably start playing with him after reading this Dota 2 7.33c MMR guide because his win rate is pretty good.

    Another hero that overextends a lot is Spirit Breaker, and he’s also significant in the meta. SB’s Charge can have devastating consequences for the enemy, but it can also lead to feeding, so people have to be careful.

    Being the IGL definitely helps in 7.33c.

    One of the big problems that many Dota 2 players face when playing PUB games is that people do whatever they want. This is a plus in some cases, but since the 7.33 update made the map even bigger, this is no longer the case.

    After reading this Dota 2 7.33c MMR guide, one of the tips you can use is that you should try to be your game’s shot-caller or leader. This is not something that everyone is comfortable with, but people who know what to do tend to rank much faster and easier than others.

    Being the shot-called is way more complicated than it seems because you can even get in trouble. Some Dota 2 players do not like when someone tells them what to do, so you must be careful and test whether your teammates will listen to you.

    If you are in such a position, one of the things you can do if you want to know how to rank up fast is to keep an eye on all of your team’s positions. For example, if you see that they’re near the Rosh Pit and the situation allows your team to get it, you should use this to your advantage. The same applies to pushing towers, ganking a given player, etc.

    The Dota 2 patch 7.33 made the map much larger, so PUB games with no in-game leaders may seem almost unwinnable.

    Follow the meta in your MMR bracket

    After reading this Dota 2 7.33c MMR Guide, the last crucial thing you should remember is related to your current MMR bracket. All of us are aware of the hottest heroes in 7.33c and how to use them, but the truth is that every skill bracket has its own meta. Certain heroes are way more effective in some skills groups than others, so you must be careful and check what’s hot in your current scenario.

    The fact that a given core or support is solid in the given bracket is a good sign, even if the hero is not that big in the pro meta. But, of course, it’s also possible to find the other scenario. Void Spirit, for example, is a hero with more than a 65% win rate in the professional meta. However, if we look at the PUB games, we can see that the hero’s win rate is around 50%.

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