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An in-depth look at Dota 2’s newest hero.

Following the end of The Lima Major 2023, Valve finally dropped the new patch. Known as “The Dead Reckoning Update”, the latter contains all kinds of changes. However, the one that most people are interested in is the addition of Muerta, Dota 2’s newest hero.

We first learned about the hero at TI 11, and it’s taken Valve close to 5 months to release her.

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Fortunately, Muerta is finally available to play, so let’s go through everything she offers and see what makes her special. Make sure to follow BLIX.GG for more info, as Dota 2’s latest patch contains tons of new things.

Muerta Dota 2 Overview

The trailer we saw a couple of months ago didn’t reveal much about the hero’s role, but people expected her to be a core. And it turned out to be the case. Valve classifies Muerta as a “carry”, “nuker”, and “disabler”. Of course, she’s also a ranged hero and uses Intelligence as her main stat.

Muerta starts the game with around 48-56 damage, 2.7 armor, and 295 movement speed. Although some of you may not find the stats impressive, they make her feel strong in the early game.

Muerta — abilities and analysis

Like most Dota 2 heroes, Muerta has 4 abilities. Each one has its specifics, so we’ll go through all of them.

Dead Shot

Dead Shot is Muerta’s first ability, allowing her to fire a ghostly trick shot either at an enemy or a tree. Once the bullet hits its target, it will deal damage and slow enemies, after which it ricochets in a different direction. The ability damages all targets it hits and stops when it hits a hero. Another interesting perk, heroes will be feared away from the impact.

Muerta overview
  • The ability deals 75/150/225/300 damage.
  • The ricochet fear duration is 1.3/1.5/1.8/2.0 s.
  • Dead Shot will slow units by 100% for 0.5s.
  • The ability costs 100/120/140/160 mana
  • Dead Shot’s cooldown is 16/14/12/10s.
  • Dead Shot does not pierce spell immunity, it is dispellable, and it damage type is magic.

The Calling

Muerta’s second ability, "The Calling” allows her to summon a group of 4 revenants to circle a target location. These revenants deal damage and silence all enemies that go through them. Once they’re inside, enemies will have reduced movement and attack speed.

  • The Calling deals 45/90/135/180 damage and lasts 10 seconds.
  • The ability has a 30% movement speed slow and a 30/40/50/60 AS slow.
  • Using The Calling will silence enemy units for 2/2.5/3/3.5 seconds.
  • This ability has a 30s cooldown and costs 150/175/200/225 mana.

It does not pierce spell immunity, it is dispellable, and its damage type is magic.


Muerta’s third ability is Gunslinger, and it’s the hero’s passive skill. It allows the hero to fire a second shot at another target nearby that prioritizes heroes.

  • The chance to hit another target is 20/30/40/50%, depending on the level.
  • This ability pierces spell immunity.

Pierce The Veil

Muerta’s ultimate transforms the hero and makes her immune to physical damage. During her transformation, all of her attack damage is magical, and she gains bonus damage and phase movement.

While using her ultimate in Dota 2, Muerta can attack ethereal units, but she won’t deal any damage to Magic Immune targets.

  • The ultimate lasts for 6/7/8 seconds.
  • When used, the transform duration is 0.3s.
  • During the ultimate, Muerta will get 50/75/100 bonus damage.
  • This ability has a 75/60/45s cooldown
  • Pierce The Veil costs 150/250/350 mana
  • The ultimate is not dispellable

Final Thoughts

Muerta definitely seems an exciting pick, especially in PUBs. The hero’s skills reveal she’ll be solid in the early game and should be able to transition well into the mid-game. However, we are not sure about her late-game potential.

Even though her ultimate allows her to deal more damage and she becomes immune to physical damage, she won’t be able to attack units that are immune to magical damage. Consequently, every BKB core can counter her and avoid taking damage. That said, it will still be quite hard for support heroes to survive the encounter.

It’ll be interesting to see what the best Dota 2 players in the world come up with using her in the new patch meta. Who knows? Muerta might become a go-to hero in the game.


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