5 Dota 2 Heroes You Should Keep an Eye On in 2024

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    After looking at some of Dota 2’s biggest surprises of 2023, we need to prepare for 2024 and everything we will see in the Dota 2 scene. It’s safe to say this will be one of the most intriguing years yet because it’s the first one where we won’t have a DPC.

    Dota 2 fans and experts predict that there will be loads of different tournaments to watch, and we also expect to see a lot of updates. Those things will affect heroes when talking about updates, but some will be better than the rest. With that said, let’s learn more about the Dota 2 heroes that are worth watching.


    Slark is one of those heroes that comes and goes in the meta. We saw the hero less in 2023, which is why we expect 2024 to be the year he will dominate the meta.

    One of the best things about Slark is that he can snowball out of control. His elusiveness and damage output make him one of the best carries, especially for PUB games. He is among the few heroes capable of carrying the entire team, especially when he gets a solid start.

    Aside from being a PUB monster, Slark is often a hero who appears in professional matches. Albeit the mediocre mid-game, professional teams know how to play with him. The hero is highly effective against tankier units because he can steal a lot of essence shifts and use them against the rest.

    Shadow Fiend

    When discussing Dota 2 heroes we haven’t seen lately, Shadow Fiend is definitely among the names worth mentioning. There were times when he was a reasonably good option (especially in early 2023), but he has not been a part of the action in a while. With that said, we expect this to change in 2024.

    Shadow Fiend receives small buffs in almost every patch but remains a tier-two option for most teams and players. One of the reasons for the poor stats is his survivability and the fact that he needs a lot of farm. 2023 was when the Dota 2 teams focused on pushing and team fights, so SF could have fit better.

    If this hero becomes popular in the mid-lane, we can also expect to see names like Templar Assassin and Invoker. They have a similar role (farming midders), so the battle between them and Shadow Fiend is always fun to watch.


    If casual and professional players started picking Dota 2 heroes that focus on farming, one of the names that definitely deserves more attention is Alchemist. He is one of those heroes capable of carrying his team on his back. Albeit a bit weak early on, once Alchemist gets a solid start, he becomes one of the strongest heroes in the game.

    Similar to Shadow Fiend, one of the big reasons why Alchemist was not one of the heroes that were popular in 2023 was his vulnerability. Sure, he can snowball extremely fast and outfarm everyone, but he is also weak against most cores. He could be better when being ganked.

    Putting all the negatives aside, Alchemist is the perfect one-man army you can get. His farming speed allows him to reach his timings much faster than others, so we expect players to start using him even more.

    Dark Seer

    Judging from the 7.35b update and the one before, Valve is finally giving Dark Seer the buffs he needs. It has been months since the hero was one of the offlines that players were interested in. However, this will change in 2024, and he will become among the Dota 2 heroes worth getting.

    Dark Seer is a specific offlaner you can’t use in every situation. He does an excellent job against melee carries and can easily dominate versus most aggressive lineups. Once the laning stage is over, Dark Seer’s role in the game becomes critical because he can set up team fights and provide his team with much utility. Of course, he also deals pretty good damage.

    The main problem with Dark Seer is that he is not easy to master. Loads of professional offlaners know how to use him to his full potential, but this does not apply to some PUB players.


    Razor is the final Dota 2 hero we predict will be one of the famous names in 2024. He has been on and off the meta in the last couple of years. In fact, there was a time in 2023 when he was really hot with the Bloodstone item build, but Valve nerfed him fast, and he hasn’t been able to bounce back since then.

    After analyzing the last patch, things are slowly starting to change. It is a matter of time before Razor becomes one of the hot options to get into the meta. His damage output is impressive, and he can take down almost anyone in a 1v1 format. This is a massive plus against specific mid-laners that are hard to kill.


    BLIX will provide you with all of the Dota 2 information you need. We expect many big tournaments and fun competitions, so follow us for more details.

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