Dota 2 "Crownfall" Update: How It Works and What Are The Rewards?

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Valve has released the much-awaited "Crownfall" for Dota 2. This story event revolves around the history of Skywrath Mage and Vengeful Spirit. Many players have speculated about a connection between the two heroes as they come from the same city, share similar backgrounds, and may be in a relationship.

On April 18, 2024, Valve released a comic to clarify, but the community questioned why they posted comics instead of updates. Valve responded: "Because we've just released The Markets of Midgate, the first act of an ongoing story event called Crownfall, filled with legendary heroes and unique rewards."

The community discussion regarding the update can be found on Reddit. Overall, the update reviews are primarily positive, and players eagerly await the release of the next Act. This article will describe the "Crownfall" update, the rewards that can be earned, and the most efficient way to complete the associated event.

The Markets of Midgate

So, "What is Crownfall all about?". This was the question Valve aimed to answer with their latest release. They wanted to provide players with a fresh way of experiencing character development while also introducing unique gameplay elements. The game offers a range of rewards, which we will explore in detail.

Join Shen and Dragonus as they navigate the bustling streets of Skywrath to reclaim their rightful place on the throne! Along the way, they will meet new and familiar characters, uncover hidden truths, embark on exciting side quests, and even take a break to catch fish. The more you explore the intricately designed world map, the greater your rewards will be. Get ready for an interactive adventure like no other!

The Markets of Midgate, Act 1

Playing Dota games during Crownfall earns you tokens. Each hero has three tokens, and some have two or three of the same type.

The Markets of Midgate, Act 1: Rewards Obtaining

Use tokens to progress and unlock paths. Meet Token Trader and Candyworks Caravan!

The Markets of Midgate, Act 1: Inventory, Tokens Trade

Join the battle against evil Queen Imperia and collect Treasures, including Crownfall Coins and Candy.

The Markets of Midgate, Act 1: Fishin' Game

Crownfall Event Rewards

The Markets of Midgate, Act 1: Rewards

In-game rewards fall into three main categories:

  • Treasures: Act I includes two treasure chests containing 24 new item sets. Some sets can be unlocked by playing the game.
  • Candy Sacks: Can be found on each Crownfall map near Sithil and Quirt's Candyworks Caravan. You can exchange your candy for hero setscourierswards, and more, including a rare chance for an Arcana drop.
  • Crownfall Coins: Are a particular type of currency that you can earn by exploring different paths on the map. Once you have collected 10 Coins, you can trade them in at the Crownfall store for a discount of approximately $7.99 on any item that costs $7.99 or more. However, the discount amount may vary depending on your region and currency.

Explore all-new loading screens, express yourself with emoticonssprays, and new chat wheel lines, and customize your heroes with unique item sets along the story path.

You don't have to win to earn tokens. Just play Dota 2 in regular All-Pick mode:

  • Winning a match rewards the player with three tokens
  • Losing a game rewards the player with one random token

Players can also earn tokens in Turbo mode but at a less efficient rate:

  • For a win, players receive two tokens
  • For a loss, players receive nothing.

Tokens can also be earned from random events scattered throughout the map.

Among the random events, you can also find a token exchanger.

Midgate Pathfinder Pack

Midgate Pathfinder Pack

All rewards in Crownfall's main story path will be available to all players for free. But for seasoned adventurers who'd like to delve deeper into Act I, the Midgate Pathfinder Pack offers more map explorationstories, and rewards.

Purchasing the pack unlocks sidequests and special rewards on the map. In addition to the rewards available on the free path, the Pathfinder Pack also grants additional treasuresCrownfall Creeps, Immortal and completion items, extra Crownfall Coins that can be used to save on store items, and more.

The Pathfinder Pack costs $14.99 in the store.

Two New Treasures and Items

Crownfall Treasure I

Crownfall Treasure II

Crownfall Treasure I

Crownfall Treasure I Contents

Price: $2,99 (one treasure) or $19,99 (nine treasures)

Contains: 12 hero skins (x2 rare, x1 very rare, x1 ultra rare), 1 courier skin (cosmically rare)

Crownfall Treasure II

Crownfall Treasure II Contents

Price: $2,99 (one treasure) or $19,99 (nine treasures)

Contains: 12 hero skins (x2 rare, x1 very rare, x1 ultra rare), 1 courier skin (cosmically rare)

Wyrdwing Exaltation (Invoker's Set)

Upon completing The Hidden Temple - 5, the player will receive a Wyrdwing Exaltation set with 4 unique styles. The Hidden Temple is part of the paid content.

Wyrdwing Exaltation: Style 1

Wyrdwing Exaltation: Style 2

Wyrdwing Exaltation: Style 3

Wyrdwing Exaltation: Style 4

Shifty's Shortblade (Riki's Weapon)

Shifty's Shortblade (Riki's Weapon)

Upon completing The Missing Smith - 6, the player will receive a Shifty's Shortblade weapon for Riki. The skin affects Ambient Effects, Custom Effects, and Icon.

Crownfall Royal Bundle

Players also have the option to purchase the Crownfall Royal Bundle, which includes:

  • Candyworks Caravan Candy Sacks x30: Locate the caravan in each Act on the map and trade for hero sets, couriers, wards, Arcana, and more.
  • Candyworks Caravan Rerolls x10: You can get additional rerolls to refresh the items available in the Candyworks Caravan.
  • MMR Double Down Tokens x20: Double your MMR gains by predicting victory at the start of the match: win and double your rating, or lose and receive a double penalty.

Brand New Arcanas

The Devotions of Dragonus

Style: Servants of Scree'Auk

Style: Sovereigns of Skywrath

Price: $34,99

Styles: Servants of Scree'Auk (default), Sovereigns of Skywrath (main quest in Act IV competition)

The arcana for Skywrath Mage includes:

  • A new model, item set, pedestal, and unlockable style that matches his true loyalties.
  • A complete set of new animations and ambient effects, including custom icons and effects for Arcane Bolt, Concussive Shot, Ancient Seal, and Mystic Flare.
  • New portraits, minimap icons, top-bar portraits, and effects for attacks, kills, deaths, and denies are included. The update includes new item icons and effects for Rod of Atos and Phylactery.
  • Now that he is free from Imperia's influence, a new voice performance allows him to air his grievances.

The Resurrection of Shen

Style: Sovereigns of Skywrath

Style: Servants of Scree'Auk

Style: Queen Imperia

Price: $34,99

Styles: Sovereigns of Skywrath (default), Servants of Scree'Auk (main quest in Act IV competition), Queen Imperia (main and side quests completion in all Acts)

  • Shendelzare has regained her wings, granting an all-new model with a total item set worthy of Skywrathian royalty, including a new pedestal and two unlockable alternate styles.
  • New animations and ambient effects are available. Custom icons and effects are available for Magic Missile, Wave of Terror, Nether Swap, and a Vengeful Illusion effect.
  • New portrait, minimap icon, and top-bar portrait. It also features new effects for attacks, kills, deaths, and denies, an item icon for Force Staff, and a custom icon for Aghanim's Scepter.
  • Shendelzare now has a new voice performance to reflect her corporeal form, with her wings restored and an eye on her rightful throne.

Act I - Act IV Storyline

Act I - Act IV

"The Markets of Midgate" is just the beginning of a four-act narrative that will unfold over the next few months. "Crownfall" will continue to grow during this time, with each act introducing new characters, stories, a distinct world map, and fresh rewards. You may even encounter a few surprises along the way.

As far as you can see, there'll be Act II (The Deserts of Druud), Act III (The Frosts of Icewrack), and Act IV (The Spires of Skywrath).

The play is divided into four acts from May 14 to August 6.

  • The first Act will run until May 14
  • The second Act: May 14 through June 11
  • The third Act: from June 11 to July 9
  • The fourth Act: from July 9 to August 6
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